Wedding Stress…Time to head for the Spa

Brides spa partyGetting married is one of life’s big events. It is something we dreamt about as children. Inevitability, after all those years of dreaming there is going to be some pressure to make the big day just as you had pictured it as a child.

Take it all in your stride and go with the flow. No need to stress…simply de-stress !

Invite all those involved with the wedding to your very own bridal party…at the spa.  This will not only be good for relaxing but great to make everyone who you have chosen to share in your day feel special too.

For the bridesmaids it may be an idea to choose a group treatment if you looking to treat all equally. Most spas offer good rates for group bookings. Something that provides a relaxation room pre and post-treatment would be a great way for the girls to catch up and jointly share the experience.

For your flower girl it will be a perfect way for her to feel like one of the grown-ups. You could treat her to a pedicure and get her nails painted in your wedding theme. This could work well too as she will have not much choice but to sit still waiting for her nails to dry allowing the others to have their treatments. It is always advisable to run through your idea with her parents beforehand or invite mummy too.

Your parents go through just as much if not more anxiety as you. Something like a pampering day package for both mum and dad would be a nice way to treat them. Also, they may not want to overstep the mark whilst you’re chinwagging with all your bridesmaids. Maybe an idea would be to offer gift voucher. Some may want to use it after the wedding day has finished and you’re away on your honeymoon, making it a lovely intimate day for them to reflect upon.

Last but not least its a good reminder that spa are not just for the ladies. More and more spa locations cater to men’s relaxation needs too.  Having a professional treatment helping with haircuts, shaving, intensive back and scalp massages will certainly be a winner.  Perhaps in combination with something like a round of golf beforehand.

Spaseekers operate across the UK with something for everyone.

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