Take Care When Taking-out Wedding Insurance

The Financial Ombudsman Service is warning couples to make sure they give enough time and thought to their wedding insurance. Not every policy will cover you for the same things and you may be left disappointed should you need to make a claim. One couple have recently discovered this after their winter wedding had to be called off due to bad weather…

When Jo Lumley and Philip Davenport had to cancel their wedding at the last minute they thought they would be covered – but when they made a claim on their wedding insurance they found to to their cost that the small print is something they should have inspected more closely.

Their December wedding coincided with some of the worst weather conditions that anyone can remember and even though a third of the guests had managed to arrive it was inevitable that the event would have to be rearranged.

When Jo and Phil made a a claim on their insurance the underwrites AXA refused to pay out in full and originally only offered two-thirds of the venue fee because the event had been deemed to have actually started. This left the couple having to write off the loss on everything else. Luckily when the BBC investigated the company agreed to back down and have paid out the claim in full.

Jo and Phil aren’t taking any chances second time around and they now plan to wed in April.

It can be complicated when comparing different insurance policies but it is important to understand what’s covered and what is not. Happily most weddings take place without a hitch (excuse the pun) but there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. So if you’re planning on taking out wedding insurance make sure that you have adequate cover and have contingencies in place just in case.

If you do have problems when claiming on your wedding insurance then you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for more advice.

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