Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

wedding-gifts-ideaIt’s always difficult to come up with wedding gifts for family and friends who are tying the knot—careful consideration is required before purchasing or creating anything for the couple. Of course, some prefer cash, while a number of couples write their “wish lists” on a gift registry, but somehow resorting to these seems thoughtless and without a special touch. We want the bride and groom to feel our affection for them through our gifts, so as much as possible, we want to give them the ideal one.

Here are some thoughtful wedding gift ideas:

· Gourmet Gift Basket – According to the Huffington Post, we can look at the kitchen section of the couple’s registry then make a gift basket that would complement their choices. For instance, if they want an ice cream maker, an ice cream cookbook with some ingredients on a basket will be appreciated.

· Contribution to the ceremony – Nothing will endear us more to the couple than if we were to take part in the wedding preparations. We can volunteer to make DIY wedding invitations, or offer to buy their milk chocolate wedding cake from Marks & Spencer, which heralds and described as an “impressive display that guests of all ages will enjoy tucking into”. If we have the proper vocal chords, we can also dedicate a song or two to the couple at the wedding reception.

· Give an experience – suggests that instead of giving a thing, we can also think about giving the bride and groom an experience instead. For instance, a dual membership to the Museum of Modern Art will have them marvelling at excellent pieces together as a couple. Plane tickets for a honeymoon trip to Bali or the Bahamas won’t hurt either.

· His and Hers – Personalized gifts are always special. Pillowcases with “Mr. And Mrs. So-and-so”, or matching robes labelled with their names are good examples. A charcoal painting of the couple, or a framed artwork with bits and pieces of memorabilia from the bride and groom will also have them gushing in no time.