Wedding Tradition: White Wedding Dress

White Wedding Dress
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More often than not, traditions come in when a couple is planning their wedding day. These traditions serve as their guide in making plans and details for the wedding.

One familiar tradition we are always seeing mostly is the bride wearing a white wedding dress. And we often asked where this tradition started from does.

Wearing of a white wedding dress is said to have originated during the 1840s when Queen Victoria choose to wear the color on her marriage to Prince Albert.

Before that some brides usually wear their best Sunday clothes. It can be any color and made from any material. Some Royal Brides wear red with white and silver embroidery and trimmings. While American brides favored brown and grey but not white.

When the news of Queen Victoria wearing a white wedding gown spread, elites from Europe started to follow her lead. Not before long, books about etiquette then started to turn the practice into tradition. The white wedding dress also became a popular symbol of status which means innocence and sexual purity. Before the 1900s ended, white dress was adapted as the garment color of most brides.

But it was not fully accepted until after World War II by the middle class of British and American Brides. The practice of also wearing the dress only once was included during the 20th century.

Nowadays, wedding gowns are not really just white. It has evolved to different shades like Warm Ivory or Ecru. It all depends on the bride for her preference.


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