When Small Becomes Offensive: 5 Displays of Bizarre and Outrageous Wedding Behaviour

A wedding is a momentous occasion that happens to
a person on a personal level for at least once in their lifetime. And, due to
being one of the most important events to ever occur to any person of legal
age, it should be treated with dignity and approached with a whole lot of

At the very least, that is how weddings should be treated because not all weddings go well for everyone. However, it is the human element where most mistakes pop up resulting in truly outrageous incidents. From guests behaving badly to the dreaded “Bridezilla” tantrum, here are some of the truly bizarre incidents that have ever happened to weddings.

Rude Comments and Requests

Every part of the wedding is supposed to reflect
the preferences of the Bride and Groom exclusively or, if they want to be more
inclusive, their friends and family. The point is that everything included in
the ceremony and the reception has been made to ensure that the couple get to
celebrate their big day the way that they want it to be celebrated.

However, this has not stopped guests from making
bizarre comments and requests during the wedding ceremony and the party that
followed. For instance, one guest yelled “Give Her the Tongue!” on the couple’s
first kiss as Mr. And Mrs. in front of the altar.

And then there’s the song requests for the
reception where guests outdo each other on the scale of inappropriateness. One
notable “joke” request always happens to be Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back or
Sisqo’s Thong Song.

Either way, anyone who asks for those at the wedding are either drunk, trying way too hard to be funny, or just coming off as creepy. Fortunately, DJ’s have the ability to turn down such requests out of respect for the entire ceremony.

Misquoted Scripture

It’s always a good idea to start your married
life with a reading from the holy book. The only problem, however, is that not
everything in the Bible is appropriate for weddings for one reason or another.

When an uncle of the Bride requested that the
scripture be read instead, as he was unavailable for the big day, he
specifically asked that the passage of 1 John 4:18 which goes “There is
no fear in love; instead perfect love drives out fear.”

Pretty profound, right? That would have been the
effect if the one reading the Bible actually quoted the proper scripture.
Instead, the person quoted a passage from the Gospel of John (a totally
different book, mind you) 4:18 where Jesus was in the middle of a conversation
with a woman saying ““For you have had five husbands, and the man
you now have is not your husband.”

It was a fairly honest mistake on the reader’s part but the air of awkwardness that followed was so thick that you could cut through it with a knife. Pro-tip: Double-check on that passage with the presiding minister to spare everybody of the cringe.

The Mini Engagement Ring

Picture this Scenario: You’ve searched everywhere to give your partner the perfect engagement ring. You’ve searched through local sellers, or through the Internet (like this neat selection HERE), and you might have even gone to some high-end jewellers some 5 towns away.

point is that you’ve exerted a lot of effort just to give your bride-to-be
something beautiful for the engagement. The only thing that would ruin that
occasion is if the person you are giving it to absolutely hates it.

is exactly what happened to a Bride-to-be when she asked the question on Reddit.
Showing a little band of gold carrying a miniscule off-center diamond in her
finger, she asked Redditors if she was materialistic if she would tell her
partner that she doesn’t want to wear something so puny.

divided the site as many sided with her, claiming that the ring was so cheaply
made that it would be an insult to wear it. Others, however, lambasted her for
even considering not to wear it as they think that the act (and the person
giving it) should matter more than the value of the thing given. Others even
logically pointed out that the ring is merely temporary as it would be replaced
by something that is more valuable (hopefully) when the wedding day comes so
there’s no reason to make a fuss about it.

But, to be fair with the future bride, this is a fairly mild incident when compared to other Bride-related incidents that will pop up later on.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

are always a great opportunity to express oneself through their clothes.
However, not every act of self-expression at a wedding will be to everyone’s
tastes or, to that extent, notion of what is appropriate for the event. Take,
for example, the woman who wore a T-rex costume to her sister’s wedding. Just
imaging the shock of the guests’ faces when one of the bridesmaids was a
cartoon reptile.

of course, it’s not just guests and secondary characters that goof off
fashion-wise as even the couples themselves will play a joke on everybody else
on their big day. Marilyn Monroe wore a chocolate knee-high dress to her wedding
with baseball star Joe DiMaggio and Pamela Anderson wore something that is
definitely a bikini when she wed artist Kid Rock.

it’s important to remember that wedding fashion is not supposed to be static.
In fact, wearing the famous white gown was not a thing then until Queen
Victoria herself arrived on her own wedding day wearing a dress that would
become the standard for all weddings to follow.

the worst kind of wedding dress malfunctions are the “accidents” that occur as
a bride walks down the aisle or says her vows at the altar. There was one
incident when the lace straps of the bride’s dress was starting to unravel that
the bride had to finish the rest of the ceremony wearing nothing but a green

There was also that incident when the bride’s veil was caught in something as she and her husband went out of the church. It was only when the girl was yanked back did everybody realize that her veil was stuck. And let us not forget every incident where the wind would lift the bride’s skirt and give her the Marilyn Monroe experience, whether she was prepared for it or not.

The Bridezilla Disaster

most notorious events in any wedding, however, tend to revolve around the
Brides. Weddings are usually emotionally charged events and it is perfectly
understandable when the main actress herself is nervous or twitchy. However,
there are those women turn into temperamental dictators during their wedding
day, leaving everybody else to suffer their wrath.

was that one instance when the bride had her redhead maid dye her hair blonde
since her hair was “taking away all the attention”. And then there was that
bride who demanded that every bridesmaid in her entourage chip in so she could
wear her dream wedding gown which caused a whopping £8,500.

these are comparatively tame to what other brides have done during their
wedding. Their was one bride who flew in a fit of rage and locked the hall when
everybody objected to her reception menu consisting of nothing but dips and
vegetable sticks as she recently became a vegan. Lastly, there was that bride
who had all her bridesmaids regularly checked for their weight. Those who were
thinner than her had to undergo a 2-week weight gain program handled by an
actual nutritionist (who seemingly agreed to all this ridiculousness).

are several explanations behind the Bridezilla phenomenon. Some would point to
one’s expectations of a perfect wedding combined with the stresses of preparing
for one could make anyone break under pressure. Others simply point out that a
wedding brings about both the best and worst in everyone. A lot of brides look
forward to their wedding with a rather expectant but easygoing frame of mind.

some women, a wedding brings out the more controlling and obsessive portion of
their psyches which ultimately manifests to the Bridezilla behavior. Regardless
of the explanation, these women started their life as married individuals
alienating a good portion of their friends and family.

In Conclusion

are just some of the insane events that have ever happened at a wedding.
Needless to say, the world has no shortage of stories of people acting so
outrageously during a wedding ceremony that they warrant being forever
remembered infamously on the Internet for as long as possible.

is there a way to actually prevent these events from happening? The answer is
yes. With the help of the right wedding suppliers and organizers as well as a
good deal of common sense of everybody’s part, these outrageous behaviors could
be reined in and prevent your own wedding from turning into an utter disaster.

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