Bridesmaid Gifts

It is traditional to present your bridesmaids and maid of honour with a token thank you gift on the wedding day. Of course this can be anything you like and you may already have some ideas in mind? Often though it can be difficult, particularly when there are more than one or two different personalities to cater for. Often the safest bet is to stick with tradition with silver wear and jewellery which is inexpensive and can be personalised by engraving your bridesmaids name and a personal message form yourself and future husband.

Engraved Compact Mirrors

A simple but effective gift idea, compact handbag mirrors make an ideal gift for bridesmaids and can be individually engraved with your own message. 

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Bridesmaid Jewellery

A nice piece of jewellery is always a safe gift idea and simple silver chains, pendants and bangles are always well received. Silver hearts and lockets are probably the most traditional of jewellery gifts but there are no set rules and you certainly are not short of options.

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Original Gifts

It can be hard sometimes to avoid the cliché trap and not every bridesmaid will appreciate a traditional gift – so what about something a bit different…

Elegant pewter box with a small heart inside to give as a gift to the ladies in the wedding party. Luxury natural scented candle, hand poured in England with a natural soy wax.

For an original keepsake idea what about this pewter heart in a box presented in an organza gift bag and stamped with the words ‘bridesmaid’ and ‘thank you’.  For another original idea these luxury scented candles come with a selection of label designs which can be personalised with your bridesmaids names and a short thank you message.

silver-plated heart trinket box Personalised Heart Keyring

These silver trinket boxes not only make a nice memento but are useful too! Lined with blue velvet with a heart shaped lid engraved with your message. Another useful keepsake gift these key ring hearts can be personalised and come in a range of colours. Not only will she not forget your wedding day – she’ll not lose her keys  either!

Ceramic wedding party mugs Chocolate bar with personalised wrapper

Wedding party mugs are not exactly a new idea but these fabulous ceramic wedding mugs are worthy of a mention. Hand decorated and glazed in the UK these make great keepsakes and will get years of good use. For those times when only chocolate will do why not make it an extra special treat with this Thanks So Much Chocolate Bar with a personalised wrapper?