Choosing the Colour Scheme

Choosing the colour scheme of your wedding is an important decision, it will help create a unified feel to your day and by tying in a single, or multiple colours, can help produce a cohesive feel to your wedding, even across venues. But how do you choose your colour theme and what questions should you be asking that will influence that decision? Below are some handy tips that may be of some help:

It’s all about you!

Start with yourself. You and your partner are the most important thing about your wedding; this day is literally all about you. So make sure that the colour scheme you choose is something that looks good on you, after all you’re going to be photographed next to that colour all day! There are some great resources online for helping you pick out colours that suit you and there are specialists in colour analysis that can also advise you, check if your local department store employs someone trained in colour analysis that you can book an appointment with.

Pink bridesmaids dresses

Once you’ve found your colour, think about the other people in your wedding party that you want to specify outfits for. Just because a colour looks great on you doesn’t mean it will look great on your bridesmaids. Choose different shades of the same colour for each person, tailored to suit them, to ensure everyone looks bright eyed and dewy skinned.

Alternatively, you can dress your bridesmaids in a different colour or several different colours, just try to make their dresses something that works with their skin tone and hair colour.

Wedding Colour Trends

The latest fashion trends in colour will impact what shades are available. Although that doesn’t mean those will be the only colours available, it may mean that you’ll need to do some searching to find the perfect colour matches. Don’t forget that shoes and handbags can be dyed to match an already existing item or a swatch of fabric. In fact, anything fabric can be dyed so a neutral outfit can be pepped up with a colour as a last resort, just make sure to use a professional and get their advice first.

A complimentary colour theme of pale green with an ivory wedding dress

Certain colours are perceived as hot or cold; pales blues and greens, for example, are generally considered to be cold colours. Take in to account how much colour you want to use and what impact that will have.

Cooler colours in summer are great, but in winter won’t give off an inviting appeal as much as a warmer shade will. Decide what the overall feel of your wedding should be and when it will be, it will help inform what colour you use. Also take in to account the decoration already in place at each of your venues, you don’t want to clash with the background!

Be Bold!

Don’t be afraid of darker or bolder colours. Red and black are becoming increasingly popular colours for wedding dresses, you’re no longer expected to walk down the aisle in pastel shades or neutrals. Pick a dress in your favourite colour and wear it with pride, put everyone else in neutrals and make yourself the pop of colour at your wedding. Shake things up a little, the world is your rainbow.

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