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Top 10 Wedding Day Survival Guide For The Groom

So much talk is about how the bride survives her big day; the internet is littered with tips on buying a wedding dress, how to choose the perfect bouquet and bridal hairstyles. The poor groom hardly gets a mention! Yet the wedding day can be just as stressful and anxiety inducing for the groom, so we’ve come up with our wedding day survival guide for the groom – you can thank us later!

  1. Eat up your breakfast. You might think you can survive all day on a glass of whisky but you can’t. You are going to be standing up a lot, feeling anxious and trying to make sure everything runs smoothly, as well as supporting your new wife. By the time you tuck into the wedding buffet you’ll be famished and those pints of lager will go straight to your head. So pace yourself with a good breakfast.
  2. Book an appointment with the barber. It’s not just the bride who may need a bit of styling and the last thing you want is a shaving rash on your face. Brandishing a razor close to your face whilst suffering from butterflies in the stomach is not a wise idea. Go clean cut and get it done professionally.
  3. Don’t sweat it. Use a good, stain free deodorant not just under your arms but over your back to avoid the sweaty shirt look, then top up with some cologne.
  4. Freshen up. Pop a few tic-tacs or mints in your mouth just before you head for the church/venue. If you’ve had a tipple or been drinking the night before your breath could well smell like a pub carpet and you really don’t want your bride catching a whiff of that!
  5. Time-keeping. The groom and the best man should arrive early at the church or venue to greet guests and check all the arrangements are running smoothly, so don’t think you can lie-in until 10 minutes before the ceremony starts!
  6. Groom’s Speech. This is just your chance to pay a compliment to your beautiful bride and thank both sets of parents and your best man. It doesn’t have to be a soliloquy worthy of Shakespeare and to be honest on the day itself you won’t feel like giving a major speech, so keep it short and simple – have a few notes in your pocket to remind you.
  7. Gift horse. Don’t forget the best man’s gift which is usually presented to him after you’ve thanked him in your speech.
  8. Dish out the Compliments. Make sure you tell your bride how beautiful she is at least once every hour!
  9. Rehydration. Remember to drink plenty of water as well as booze at the reception. You don’t want to get so drunk that you fall asleep before you even get to your hotel.
  10. Relax! Hopefully you only get married once so make the most of your day by keeping a sense of humour and enjoying every moment of it – even the slip-ups! Be supportive and have eyes only for your new bride!

Don’t think of your wedding day as a trial to get through. Be involved in the preparations, take on a little responsibility and have your say in what happens on the day. The more involved you are the more you’ll start to enjoy it. Good luck!

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