Wedding Registry: B & Q Wedding Gift List

b&q wedding listPlanning for a wedding involves the wedding couple deciding if they would want to register themselves on a wedding registry. Wedding registry is a public gift list made by the wedding couple and is usually tied up to a specific store.

Registering to this service has several goals such as smooth facilitation of communication between the giver of the gifts and the one receiving it. It also eliminates the wedding couple receiving duplicate gifts.

Usually, wedding couples create and register their wedding registry to create their married home. And who would have thought it but B&Q offers a very wide range of products to satisfy the couple’s wishes that will set them up in their new home environment together.

B&Q’s wedding registry is your perfect gift list solution. Each wedding registry can be designed to fit your own personal taste. You can opt to upload your photos and share more wedding details. They also have an option to invite your guest to contribute by connecting it to your Facebook.

The good thing about B&Q wedding gift list is that there are no commission charges and no hidden charges. And, you can opt to donate a portion of your final fund to a chosen charity.

Once the wedding is done, you will be receiving your Gift Card with the balance ready for your shopping in your local B&Q Store.

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