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We have previously shared with you some wedding traditions we usually see on wedding ceremonies. These traditions usually came from one or both of the couple going to be wed.

Upon reading some articles regarding another wedding tradition being out of fashion, we wanted to write something about it since we are on that subject. We are talking about wedding rings.

Wedding rings is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings can be made of gold, silver or platinum metal and indicates that the wearer is married. It is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left or right hand depending on local culture.

Exchanging of wedding rings has been recorded from Ancient Egypt about 4800 years ago. Before metal was used, sedges together with rushes, reeds and papyrus were the first known wedding bands. Even before, circle was used as bonds as it symbolizes eternity.

When wedding rings have been adapted by other cultures, it was first used to brand women and show ownership of them. Which is why, only women only wore rings. It was around the 860s, when wedding rings has been used in marriage ceremonies. Different factors are added to the wearing of the rings until it was now worn by both the wedding couple.

Wearing of the wedding ring may be done in 3 ways. The traditional way is to wear it on the 4th finger of the left or right hand. For women, they usually wear it together with their engagement ring. While for some, they tie the ring on their necklace.

Regardless of how they are worn, wedding rings symbolize the unity of the two persons who wed and exchange vows. And we sure hope it will not go out of fashion.

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Wedding Rings

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

When undertaking the planning of a wedding, the first step comes in securing an engagement ring for your spouse-to-be. Ever since American media made famous Marilyn Monroe’s line from her infamous line in the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental… But diamonds are a girl’s best friend .”

This single line has stood as a theme for many women for several generations and is engrained in all our conscious. Although diamonds are forever the meaning of the engagement ring has significantly changed over the last century. The giving of a ring is a sign of an invisible commitment, a bond or union. It signifies two people together forever.

Once upon a time, diamond rings weren’t just gifts. They were, frankly, virginity insurance. A now-obsolete law called the “Breach of Promise to Marry” once allowed women to sue men for breaking off an engagement. Back then, there was a high premium on women being virgins when they married — or at least when they got engaged. If the groom-to-be walked out after he and the bride-to-be had sex, that left her in a precarious position. From a social angle, she had been permanently “damaged.” From an economic angle, she had lost her market value. So Breach of Promise to Marry was born. Effectively, if  the couple never made it down the aisle, she’d at least be left with something. And that something was almost always small and shiny. The diamond ring was insurance.

Times have changed with women having their own careers and far less financially vulnerable then a generation ago. In addition having pre-marital sex doesn’t carry the same stigma it used to. Nowadays women should return the ring if things do not work out. It is no longer about security, it is though still about commitment, union and together forever.

The diamond ring still remains the de-facto gift to represent a new union. It must be noted that not all diamonds are the same. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cuts with most people having a particular favourite in regards to style. Upon your impending engagement, the world of diamonds can easily become overwhelming – We will guide you through the many facets of the diamond ring. Thus, leaving you with an informed knowledge, which you can use to select the perfect diamond.


The first thing to consider when selecting a diamond ring is the actual shape of the diamond. In terms of commercially sold rings, there are ten spate shapes that diamonds are available in. All of which are named after the shape they take, with one exception. The ten most popular shapes of diamonds are Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Radiant, Oval, Pear, Heart, and Cushion. Most of these shapes are self-explanatory. However, the Princess-shaped diamond is essentially a large and rigid square shape. When it comes to selecting a diamond shape it all comes down to personal preference. In order to pick the best shape suited to your spouse-to-be, you will have to subtly go about finding their preferred preference.


While they are often thought of as being crystal clear, diamonds actually come in a range of colours. This range is specified on a letter scale, ranging from D – Z. Diamonds in the range of D, E, and F are regarded as colourless, or clear. Diamonds in the range of G, H, J, and I are considered to be near colourless. Diamonds in the range of K – M will have just a slight hint of yellow while diamonds in the N – R and S – Z range are very light yellow, and light yellow respectively.

Diamonds also come in a range regarded as “fancy colour diamonds,” however these more rare diamonds have proven to be less popular on the market over the years. Instead of being graded on a scale of “colourless,” these diamonds are graded on their intensity of colour and are available in a wide range of colours.

Summing Up

When it comes to your wedding, choosing the right engagement ring is a pivotal part of setting yourself on the right path of the long road that is to follow. While this article will have laid out a handy guide in the classification of diamonds, it is up to the purchaser to find the diamond that best suits their spouse, which is ultimately decided upon based on personal preference. Whoever said, “All diamonds are the same,” clearly never spent any time in a jewellery story. Every diamond is just as unique as he who purchases it. Selecting the “right” diamond can be a difficult task, but it is one that will fill your spouse with joy and happiness.

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Wedding Rings

Choosing Your Wedding Ring

Traditionally presented as the final gift from the groom to his intended, the wedding ring is a symbol of commitment and never ending love. There are now many styles of wedding ring, some simple and some ornate – the choice can be overwhelming.

With this ring I thee wed…..

When choosing your ring it is understandable that you may be swayed by the design but it’s important to remember that you will be wearing it every day, forever after. A wedding ring which is a good fit and comfortable to wear should be the foremost consideration and the design very much secondary. This doesn’t mean you have to play safe with a plain band, there are many elegant but subtle designs available which provide the opportunity to make a statement without being uncomfortable to wear.

Wedding Ring Styles

There are four basic styles of wedding ring:

The four main styles of wedding ring

  • Court Rings – The most traditional style with a rounded profile, most commonly referred to as a ‘Comfort-Fit’
  • Flat Court – As the name suggests, this kind of ring has a flat surface on both the inside and outside;
  • Concave – Rounded on the inside like a court ring but with a concave exterior;
  • Diamond Set – A diamond set wedding ring can come in all shapes but is set with diamonds for added glamour.

Buying Wedding Rings On-line

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages in both cases although it’s likely that you will get better value for money when buying on-line. The biggest reason why people prefer to buy their ring from a traditional store is the option to try various styles without the hassle of having to send things back and wait for a replacement. While this is true, to an extent, you have the advantage when buying on-line that you can take your time without a shop assistant pressuring you. Also, many of the leading internet jewellers offer a fair and simple return policy so you don’t have to worry about getting a refund if you change your mind or need to exchange sizes or styles.

Gold Wedding Rings

If you are trying to save money on your wedding day there are certain things you may be willing to sacrifice, such as free alcohol for wedding guests and there are things you can compromise on such as flower arrangements, but some things you really don’t want to scrimp on and your wedding rings are one those things. Your wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love for each other and it’s something you would wear day in and day out. For a piece of jewellery that you have to look at every day, that will always be a part of you; you really don’t want to start cutting corners and end up wearing a piece of tat that would look more at home inside a Christmas cracker.

18ct gold wedding rings

18ct gold wedding rings contain 75% of pure gold and the rest of the metal is copper and silver. These rings are noticeably yellower in colour as an attestation to the larger amounts of pure gold they contain. It is hardly surprising therefore, that 18ct gold rings are much more expensive and prices can run into thousands of pounds.

However it is still possible to get an 18ct gold wedding ring on a budget as very often, with jewellery as well as with clothes, you are paying for the brand as well as the material. So long as you don’t expect a Tiffany’s piece you should still be able to get an 18ct wedding ring for under £500 and at that price, such a piece of high gold content jewellery is not going to detract much in price.

9ct gold wedding rings

Yet you don’t have to splash out on thousands to get something of real quality either. The lower end of the market offers 9ct gold wedding rings which are cheaper than their 18ct counterparts because they are made with less pure gold.

Whilst it is true that this makes the 9ct rings harder than the 18ct version, the difference is so slight as to be hardly noticeable therefore it makes little practical difference. 9ct gold rings contain 37.5% of gold and the rest is usually made up of copper zinc and silver with some slight variations. The colour of 9ct wedding rings tends to be whiter than 18ct as the colour hue will come from some of the other metals that make up the ring.

Don’t compromise on the most important piece of jewelery you may ever buy; top quality gold should last a lifetime and with any luck you’ll be able to pass your wedding rings onto your children. With a little savvy shopping and an eye for a bargain you’ll be starting your married life with a stunning ring on your finger that will sparkle all the more for the huge savings you made on it!