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Wedding Tradition: Wedding Rings

wedding ring
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We have previously shared with you some wedding traditions we usually see on wedding ceremonies. These traditions usually came from one or both of the couple going to be wed.

Upon reading some articles regarding another wedding tradition being out of fashion, we wanted to write something about it since we are on that subject. We are talking about wedding rings.

Wedding rings is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings can be made of gold, silver or platinum metal and indicates that the wearer is married. It is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left or right hand depending on local culture.

Exchanging of wedding rings has been recorded from Ancient Egypt about 4800 years ago. Before metal was used, sedges together with rushes, reeds and papyrus were the first known wedding bands. Even before, circle was used as bonds as it symbolizes eternity.

When wedding rings have been adapted by other cultures, it was first used to brand women and show ownership of them. Which is why, only women only wore rings. It was around the 860s, when wedding rings has been used in marriage ceremonies. Different factors are added to the wearing of the rings until it was now worn by both the wedding couple.

Wearing of the wedding ring may be done in 3 ways. The traditional way is to wear it on the 4th finger of the left or right hand. For women, they usually wear it together with their engagement ring. While for some, they tie the ring on their necklace.

Regardless of how they are worn, wedding rings symbolize the unity of the two persons who wed and exchange vows. And we sure hope it will not go out of fashion.

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