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Weirdest Wedding Traditions Around the World

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Each country have their own wedding traditions. These traditions are usually evident as most wedding couples would like to follow them for good luck.

Here are some weirdest wedding traditions as collated by Charlotte Long.

15 of the weirdest wedding traditions from around the world

Shoe’ll be sorry! In India the groom traditionally removes his shoes while he walks down the aisle. The bride’s side of the family will then attempt to steal them while the groom’s side protects them from being stolen.

Oh my cod, stop beating my feet with fish! Ah weddings, so romantic, particularly the part when you have your feet beaten with fish and canes the night before. In South Korea it’s tradition for the groomsmen to do just that to prove the groom’s strength of character. And put him off fish ‘n’ chips for life, you would think.

La Soupe (Toilet soup in France) Yes you read correctly. After the wedding in France, tradition sees friends of the bride and groom put all  leftovers from dinner in the toilet pan and then force the newly-weds to drink out of it.

This is Sparta! In Spartan culture, it was custom for women to shave their heads and dress like a man before being kidnapped by their future hubby. Now that’s a future wedding waiting to happen on Don’t Tell The Bride.

Urine my life forever Newlyweds in the Tidong community in Northern Borneo are to stay in a house together for three days without going to the toilet to ensure they have a wee-ly great marriage.

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Wedding Tradition: Wedding Rings

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We have previously shared with you some wedding traditions we usually see on wedding ceremonies. These traditions usually came from one or both of the couple going to be wed.

Upon reading some articles regarding another wedding tradition being out of fashion, we wanted to write something about it since we are on that subject. We are talking about wedding rings.

Wedding rings is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings can be made of gold, silver or platinum metal and indicates that the wearer is married. It is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left or right hand depending on local culture.

Exchanging of wedding rings has been recorded from Ancient Egypt about 4800 years ago. Before metal was used, sedges together with rushes, reeds and papyrus were the first known wedding bands. Even before, circle was used as bonds as it symbolizes eternity.

When wedding rings have been adapted by other cultures, it was first used to brand women and show ownership of them. Which is why, only women only wore rings. It was around the 860s, when wedding rings has been used in marriage ceremonies. Different factors are added to the wearing of the rings until it was now worn by both the wedding couple.

Wearing of the wedding ring may be done in 3 ways. The traditional way is to wear it on the 4th finger of the left or right hand. For women, they usually wear it together with their engagement ring. While for some, they tie the ring on their necklace.

Regardless of how they are worn, wedding rings symbolize the unity of the two persons who wed and exchange vows. And we sure hope it will not go out of fashion.

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Wedding Tradition: Throwing of Rice/Grains/Flowers


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Weddings are one type of an event where heartwarming traditions are mostly incorporated and infused. These wedding traditions are usually dependent on the wedding couple’s background, history and religion.

Among the few wedding tradition we have discussed is about the bride wearing a white dress and something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Another wedding tradition that caught our attention is the throwing of Rice. This has been a tradition being done as far as history can remember.

Throwing of rice at the bride and groom as they depart the wedding reception was told to be a symbol of good luck, fertility and abundance. Rice was the most common type of grain used in the wedding ceremonies but other seeds and grains has been used as well. Seeds and grains are first used because it was believed that even from the smallest of them, life and crop can grow.

As beautiful as it was thrown, rice as well as other grains can be a bit hard on the face and may get slippery sometimes. Some instances, these grains may be caught on the bride and grooms eyes. So as an alternative, some preferred to throw flower petals. Rose petals are among the most thrown out on weddings.

Recent times also contribute to this wedding tradition. Nowadays, we are seeing some weddings throwing bubbles at the couple instead of rice and flowers. There are also some instances that bells are rung and butterflies are released.

But one thing remains true regardless of what has been done, it all symbolizes and wishes luck, joy and hope for the newlyweds.


Wedding Tradition: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Different wedding traditions are being incorporated by the Bride and the Groom when planning on their big day. These traditions may come from the traditions passed on by each of their family to them.

But, one thing I think most Brides try to incorporate on their Wedding, regardless of their origin is the “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” tradition. Most of Brides I know follow this old saying.

This saying, whose origin is not really known, came all the way back from time.

Something old symbolizes the Brides Past, Tradition and her Family. Brides usually wear a piece of jewelry (i.e. necklace, earrings, ring) worn by her Mother or Great-grandmother even, on the day of the wedding. But it can also be a Wedding Dress or a head piece.

Something new symbolizes the Bride and Groom’s optimism towards their new life together. More often than not, the Bride’s wedding dress represents this. But it can also be a head piece or jewelry if she is going to wear a dress that has been passed on from generations.

Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness. It is usually something that came from another happy bride. It can also be the same item as the something old. This item can be a handkerchief or a bible perhaps. This item usually is not limited to the ceremony or to the Bride herself. It can be a song or speech as well.

Something blue symbolizes fidelity, purity and love. More often than not, the Bride’s garter is the one representing something blue in a wedding. Some also incorporate something blue on their bouquet.

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