Bridal Corsets

On your wedding day you will want to look your best and a great way of achieving a perfect shape is to wear a bridal corset. A good, well fitted corset will draw attention to your figure by emphasising your bust and hips while, at the same time, drawing-in your waist.

Axfords Satin Ivory Bridal  Corset

It’s a good idea to choose your corset either before or at the same time as your wedding dress so that the style and shape will work together to create the perfect form.

Bear in mind that you will be wearing your corset for most of the day so make sure that you don’t have it laced over-tight. Try to wear your corset a few times before the big day so that you can get used to the feel and judge how tight you need it to be laced.

Corset shown: Axfords Ivory Satin Overbust Corset
Over-bust style, cotton lined Axfords Corset with 6 suspenders. Hand selected to your exact size £135

You can buy your corset ‘off the peg’ in a range of sizes or if you are buying from a company such as Axfords you can submit your measurements and they will select the correct size for you.

Axfords are a traditional company and pride themselves on the quality of their products and customer service. they have produced some useful guides to help you choose the right corset for your wedding day.

Wedding corset

Vollers Classic Style Bridal Corset

Vollers have been making corsets in the UK since 1899 and continue to manufacture some of the best and original designs around.

Many of the best looking corsets you’ll see on lingerie retailer’s sites will be Vollers corsets. The company also offer a bespoke corset making service so you can supply your own fabric to match perfectly with your wedding outfit.

This classic design bridal corset is a mainstay of the bridal range, made from Oxford-stripe fabric with front fastening and traditional back lacing. Available in a range of colours and sizes from 18 to 38 waist.

You can find a selection of Vollers Corsets available to order on-line at

Orlaith Corset by LovebySusie

LovebySusie Bridal Couture is a wonderful collection of exclusive and luxurious bridal lingerie and accessories, designed and made by Scottish designer Susie McKenzie.

Luxury corset in polka dot cotton coutil

The Orlaith Corset has a classic ribbon fastening at the back as well as a front fastening clasp in either gold or silver-busk. The fabric is a delicate polka dot cotton coutil with the shaped neckline and straight back creating a classic hourglass silhouette.

This is a truly stunning bridal corset you’ll treasure long after the wedding day and it comes, appropriately, in a specially designed keepsake box.

Available in a wide selection of sizes up to UK size 20 from