20 Wedding Day Things No One Tells You About

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Ah, wedding day. We thought we knew it all, but then again we don’t. Aside from being it one of the most special day in your life, there are some other things that no one tells us about your wedding day.

And Deborah Cicurel have listed 20 things about our wedding day that no one tells us about.

20 things no one tells you about your wedding day

1. You won’t be able to eat

Due to extreme excitement, stress and, if you’re really lucky, a stress-induced cold.

2. You will worry about the silliest of things

Not whether the groom will turn up, but whether his best man will be wearing the correct flower in his buttonhole.

It’s the minute details that count, right?

3. You will feel strangely calm

You expected the day to be a flurry of nerves and worry, but while you sit there and get your hair and make up done, you just can’t wait to say ‘I do’ and get the party started.

Also, it really is too late to care if something goes wrong.

4. Something will go wrong

You forget your hair accessory, your dress won’t quite close or the make up artist has made you look like Dolly Parton.

5. But you don’t really care

There’s no point being a Bridezilla when you’re moments from walking down the aisle, so you decide to embrace the mistakes and rock that slightly-too-small dress.

6. Walking down the aisle is rather fun

You thought you’d be in floods of tears, but you’re actually quite enjoying all the attention.


Everyone is taking photos of you, screaming your name and trying to high five you.

You kinda feel like Beyonce.

8. Everyone is crying apart from you

What’s there to be sad about? Plus, you don’t want to spoil that intricately crafted eye make up.

9. Your cheeks hurt

You never thought you could smile this much.

10. Your husband looks happy to see you

YAY. He likes your dress. He looks cute. Isn’t this all delightful?

11. Husband?! Lol

Yeah, that one will take some getting used to.

12. The ceremony is emotional. Very

OK, maybe one or two tears won’t hurt the make up.

13. You will feel like Kim Kardashian at some point

There are videographers and photographers and fans following you around the whole time, and it’s amazing.

Why do famous people complain about the intrusion?

14. Even if you literally wore a black Primark onesie, everyone would compliment you constantly

‘OMG, your dress is amazing!’ ‘You look beautiful!’ ‘What a happy couple!’ Keep them coming, guys!

15. You have the best time ever

You thought you’d be running around worrying about the catering and flowers, but the minute the party starts, you just don’t care.

16. The speeches are inappropriate

Meh, polite ones would be boring.

*You make a note to yell at your new brother-in-law at a later date*

17. It feels no different being married

You expected something to feel new or unfamiliar, but everything feels exactly the same.

Apart from the fact you’ve got a REALLY expensive, pristine white dress on you, of course.

18. The dress doesn’t stay pristine for long

Let It Go.

You’ve done your dramatic walk down the aisle: the minute that’s over, dance the night away as if you were in a student club in Birmingham wearing hot pants.

The dress will get tattered, but you’re never going to wear it again anyway.

19. Never going to wear it again anyway?

A horrible realisation, this one. So much money spent on it. Just a few hours wearing it.

20. You will be SO DEPRESSED once the day is over

Yes, we know, it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.

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