Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage Style Wedding Photography

Well it was only a matter of time before those stilted wedding photos of the bride’s family and the groom’s family were ditched in favour of a more alternative approach – and it couldn’t have come quickly enough!

Now I know there will be plenty of wedding couples who like the more traditional photos and let’s face it, there are umpteen wedding photographers who will cater for that, but there is also a new breed of wedding photographer who are offering an altogether more enlightened approach and it seems that couples are snapping up the idea (if you’ll pardon the pun!).

Reportage style wedding photography is a brand new style of wedding photography that aims to capture the bridal party in a creative style that brings back more memories than a line up of your family with forced smiles ever will. For this isn’t just about capturing your special day, but capturing the very essence of your personalities and characters and incorporating that into the photos. Posed for shots may include props and a huge injection of fun that is a world away from the stuffy pictures of old.

Every picture tells a story…

As the name suggests, the photographs follow a reportage style in which the pictures aim to tell the story of the wedding day and the couples themselves. The photographer may be there first thing to document the wedding preparations and capture some shots of the bride being prepared. These photos are rarely posed for, the photographer manages successfully to blend into the background and in doing so he is able to capture emotions and feelings so clearly as to make a stunning impression.

The photos aren’t just there to bring back memories of your day, but to tell the story of you both as a couple and to document the wedding day from the very beginning, to the very end as the guests leave to go home and you are both still dancing, euphoric, tired and married!

And with social media networks expanding, many photographers are offering web based wedding galleries that the couple can share with friends and add to their Facebook profiles.

Creativity is finally creeping into traditional wedding photos and producing some stunning portraits that have won the photographers some serious accolade. Be prepared to pay much more than the old style wedding photographer, but with things as cherished as memories, it will be worth every single penny!

Three of the best…

We’ve picked out what we think are 3 of the best wedding photographers that offer reportage and documentary style wedding photos.

DocuWedding is a qualified photojournalist who now uses his skills in the field of journalism to create HD artistic wedding photos. He based in London but will travel throughout the UK. Online wedding albums come as standard.

Jeff Ascough is based in Lancashire and has won some high acclaim, being described as “one of the top five wedding photographers in the world” by the BBC.

Kevin Mullins specialises in reportage style photography and is a member of the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. He has an extensive portfolio.

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