A Quick Look at

A Quick Look at

Every woman who takes part of a wedding, bride or otherwise, knows that their gown will be their centerpiece for the big day. After all, they are going to wear it down the aisle and back and everybody will most certainly talk about what they will be wearing on the big day.

But, of course, the gown is not the only thing that is going to make that event memorable. What you adorn yourself with also matters. There are quite a lot of sites out there that promise quality wedding adornments and one of these happens to be

The question is: do they live up to their promises? The short answer is a Yes.

What is

Without restating the obvious, is a website that offers accessories for brides to wear on their big day. The concept is rather simple: you go to the site, pick what you want, set out the payment option, and wait for your order to arrive at your door step. And that process can take a day or a week depending on where you live. It’s that simple.

As to why the site exists, the simple answer is the owner Nadia running it understands that there is more to a bride on their wedding day than their gown. What a bride wears when they walk down the aisle aside from their gown can be used to express themselves. As such, the site aims to provide those that are to be wedded with a selection of accessories that they could wear that properly gives attention to their personality and individuality. At the very least, that’s the theory. Each piece is designed and created by hand in their Cambridge studio.

Site Design and Navigation

A quick look at the site will tell you that has all that you are looking for, especially an easy shopping experience. Everything is clearly labeled and will take you to a dedicated page with its own in-depth content.

Now, that being said, the site itself could do a bit of work. The combination of pastel colored text laid out on equally pastel colored background makes things a bit hard to read through. Aside from that, you can easily tell where you need to go and what button you have to click through.


If you were to click on their Shop section, you will be greeted to several pages worth of products all organized into different categories. There is a category for belts, another for hairpieces, cuffs, earrings, bags, veils, and everything else that you could link to bridal regalia. The point is that there is a place to go here if you are looking for a particular piece of accessory to buy and wear for the big day.

And the variety is not surface-level either. In each section, you will find a considerable list of accessories with different styles and patterns to choose from. All that is left to do, then, is to mix and match, accessories, add them to the cart, and complete the payment process.

But if there is one point of concern that you need to be aware of, it would be the price range. Although not as expensive as other bridal accessories sites, just prepare for the prices of a single accessory here to go for not less than £20 to as much as £100. So if you were aiming for a full complement of bridal accessories to go with your wedding gown, expect to spend at least £500 to get all the stuff you need from the site.

Also, the site does its part in giving you an impression of what their products look like when worn. If you were to click on a particular accessory, you will be taken to a dedicated page which tells you the exact measurements of the piece and its specifications. That being said, there is no telling what the accessory would look like on you until, well, you are wearing it.

Customer Care also places extra consideration to the customer experience and offers several experiences that ensures you get the most of what you paid for.

For instance, the site promises a lead time for standard orders to be in between 7 to 10 working days depending on how far you are from their physical business. As such, it is recommended that you order from the site a few weeks before your big day.

Although the site has pre-set measurements for their pieces, they do allow for customization so whatever you will order will meet your exact specifications. Of course, you have to allow for a waiting period so that the shop can customize your order according to your measurements. For bridal ornaments, the turnaround time will be from 10 to 14 working days.

For shipping, Bridal Ornaments will use the Royal Mail delivery service as a default option. If you order goes beyond the £100 threshold, you will get a £500.00 insurance for your order. If you live within the UK, you can expect for the order to get shipped in 1 to 2 days after the order has been confirmed.

International shipping, however, is a fairly different story. For those living outside the UK, they will have to pay a £9.95 shipping fee and the delivery time is expected to be at 7 to 12 working days.

Important Reminder: The site’s promises for their delivery time was set during the Pre-COVID era. As such, they may not be as accurate as should be today. This is no fault on the part of the site and you should allow for a 7 to 14 day grace period for all of your orders.


And what happens if you don’t like what you ordered? Well they do offer a Return Program for those who found their orders disappointing or, worse, inaccurate. All you have to do is repack the order and contact the site to initiate the return process.

However, there are two catches. First, the return process must be initiated within 14 days after you received the order. After all, if you did not like what you got, what’s taking you so long to send it back?

Second, sadly does not accept returns for custom jobs or rush orders. If you made your order through any of these options, you’d be stuck with what you got regardless if you liked it or not.

Picking Bridal Accessories

The selection they have is sizable which is why it can be intimidating for a first-time buyer to get all that they want in one go. To make the shopping experience a bit easier for you, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Keep it Simple

As with all things in life, resist the urge to go over the top in your wedding accessories. Remember that trends come and go which is you should be aiming for a simple yet timeless appearance. Think of it this way: when you look back at your wedding day 20 years from now, would you like to beam with pride or cringe in embarrassment all just because you picked gaudy accessories?

  1.  Mind the Metal

There is no need to match your accessories with the wedding ring or band but you could use them as a reference. Typical wedding jewelry always falls into the classes of platinum, gold, and silver.

If you know the kind of metal that your partner is going to give to you, you can use this information to determine which accessories go well with you on your big day. For instance, if your wedding ring is gold, then you could match it with a silver earring or necklace. If it is platinum, then maybe a bit of gold in your wrists or neck will provide a complementary shade. And so forth.

  1. Remember the Venue

Where you are going to say your I-dos might also lend a hand in determining what accessories you will pick. For instance, if the venue is simple, then go for a simple yet elegant option. If the place is grandiose, you might want to pick accessories that will take advantage of the scenery.

Also, the overall weather will have to be considered. If you are going to be wed in the summer, pick some accessories that will make you shimmer in the sunlight (if the wedding is in open air, of course). If you are to be married in autumn and winter, then consider some functionality in your accessories. Something that looks elegant and takes advantage of the ambient lighting without exposing too much of your skin to the elements will be great options.

And if you are still having some issues regarding what to pick, they offer some assistance through the descriptions in each product they have available. From the type of fabric used to the metal and even recommendations on when it is best worn, the site offers enough information that will help you make the best possible purchasing decision.

Without a doubt, has a rather robust selection of bridal accessories combine with services that will ensure you get exactly what you ordered. With their help, you might just get the set of accessories that you need to make yourself stand out more on your big day. All that is left to do, then, is to click here and start the buying process.

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