Multimarriage illustration liberty antonia sadler

Weirdest Wedding Traditions Around the World

Multimarriage illustration liberty antonia sadler
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Each country have their own wedding traditions. These traditions are usually evident as most wedding couples would like to follow them for good luck.

Here are some weirdest wedding traditions as collated by Charlotte Long.

15 of the weirdest wedding traditions from around the world

Shoe’ll be sorry! In India the groom traditionally removes his shoes while he walks down the aisle. The bride’s side of the family will then attempt to steal them while the groom’s side protects them from being stolen.

Oh my cod, stop beating my feet with fish! Ah weddings, so romantic, particularly the part when you have your feet beaten with fish and canes the night before. In South Korea it’s tradition for the groomsmen to do just that to prove the groom’s strength of character. And put him off fish ‘n’ chips for life, you would think.

La Soupe (Toilet soup in France) Yes you read correctly. After the wedding in France, tradition sees friends of the bride and groom put all  leftovers from dinner in the toilet pan and then force the newly-weds to drink out of it.

This is Sparta! In Spartan culture, it was custom for women to shave their heads and dress like a man before being kidnapped by their future hubby. Now that’s a future wedding waiting to happen on Don’t Tell The Bride.

Urine my life forever Newlyweds in the Tidong community in Northern Borneo are to stay in a house together for three days without going to the toilet to ensure they have a wee-ly great marriage.

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