Unusual Wedding Venues

Once upon a time if you weren’t religious the only other place you could get married was in a registry office. These were dull town centre offices often housed in hideous seventies buildings. Luckily times change and now there is hardly a place that doesn’t have a wedding licence! Prospective brides and grooms can choose from hotels, historical buildings or even beaches. However for some adventurous couples this just isn’t enough and there is now a growing trend to choose the most unusual place to get hitched. We’ll look at some of the most bizarre and unusual wedding venues!

1. Underwater Weddings

Underwater weddings
Credit: Pinterest/hiasia.xyz

There is more to getting married underwater than just taking a dip in your local swimming pool! Many dive centres and even aquariums are now offering special wedding ceremonies, so you could find yourself taking your vows with sharks, turtles and stingrays as witnesses! Make sure you take your underwater cameras though!

2. Saying “I Do” On The London Eye

Getting married at the London Eye
Credit: Lambeth.gov.uk

Since one of London’s top tourist attractions successfully applied for a marriage licence it has proved more than popular with wedding parties. Vows are exchanged at the top of the wheel overlooking the rest of the capital in truly spectacular style. Guests can watch from their own capsules below as you sip champagne in your private, flower decked capsule.

3. Marrying On Ice

Couple getting married in an ice church
Credit: Ice Hotel

A truly unique twist to a winter wedding is a sub zero wedding! Yes you can choose to get married in a church made of ice, such as the Ice Hotel in Sweden or for something a little closer to home why not choose the Absolut Ice Bar in London? You’d be hard pushed to find a cooler wedding venue!

4. Hot Air Balloon Weddings

Wedding in a hot air balloon
Credit: Virginballoonflights

It’s such a romantic notion to drift slowly towards the sunset, champagne in hand, toasting your new spouse and now it’s possible with many hot air balloon companies offering weddings on the ground and a champagne wedding breakfast to follow.

5. Roller Coaster Weddings

Double Loop Roller Coaster

They say that marriage has its ups and downs, so why can’t the wedding day? Literally! Most theme parks will accept the idea of a wedding on one of their rides (why wouldn’t they, it’s free publicity after all!) and all you have to do is find a registrar to go along with the idea and who has a head for heights! Why not try the top of Blackpool’s Pepsi Max or Oblivion at Alton Towers? One thing’s for sure, you probably won’t forget your first kiss as husband and wife!

6. Getting Married at the Zoo

A wedding ceremony at Bristol zoo

What about a little animal magic to get your marriage off to a good start? Most UK zoos will offer wedding packages if you ask them and what better witnesses to your wedding than rhinos, elephants and the odd chimpanzee – no not your family, the animals! It will be a zoo-tastic wedding!

7. Hitched in the Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament have long held a marriage licence but strict rules meant that only members and other officials could get married in the Houses of Parliament. That rule has now been lifted to allow ordinary members of the public to get married in this historical London building overlooking the River Thames.

8. Football Weddings

A wedding at the Emirates Stadium - the home of Arsenal football club

Never mind all the jokes about shooting and scoring, football grounds are also popular wedding venues for die-hard footie fans. For many, to get married on the hallowed turf where their team play is a dream come true – and if you get enough guests perhaps you’ll even get a Mexican wave!

9. Get Married in a Cave

A wedding inside a cave

If you are brave enough to face the witch then you might want to consider getting married in the Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset. These caves are a direct link to our ancestral past and make a most romantic setting for your wedding. The famous Wookey Witch may even offer to be chief bridesmaid!

10. Adrenalin Weddings

A wedding couple taking the plunge with a bungee jump

For those adrenalin junkies who probably met whilst skydiving somewhere off the Pyrenees; they wouldn’t accept anything less than an adrenalin fuelled wedding. So choose from bungee jumping, wing walking and parachuting – good luck finding a willing registrar though!
So why not start your married life with a bang and make yours the wedding that is remembered by all for years to come! Unusual weddings take some beating and the memories that you are left with, along with the photos, will be priceless!

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