A Vintage Theme Wedding

When people think of vintage generally the era’s they picture are the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – decades that cover everything from Art Deco to swing bands, but the one thing they all have in common is an inherent allure. A vintage wedding theme offers you a chance to indulge in some old school glamour; wear that 1930’s style slinky dress, or that retro 1950’s poodle skirt dress. Perhaps the 20’s are more your era, and flapper is the way to go. But don’t rule out Victorian or pre-war gowns, vintage can mean any time period you choose. Whatever your era, vintage can add glamour and style in a way no other theme can.

Vintage Style Wedding Invitation

Your wedding stationery is, as always, the first place to start. You can focus on using traditional designs or you can simply ‘age’ the invitations through the use of older papers or staining. For best results, mix the two by using an old style invitation on old style paper for that perfect old-fashioned look.

Vintage 1970s Angel Sleeved Wedding Dress

With the rise in popularity of vintage in the last couple of years, vintage and vintage style or retro dresses are becoming easier to find. Expect to pay extra for a vintage gown, unless you get lucky at a charity shop or on eBay, as sellers are now well-aware of the value of vintage clothes and items are often priced to suit.

Bridesmaids with vintage style hair do's

Tying in the rest of the wedding party can be as simple as recreating period appropriate hairstyles and make-up. Don’t let the men of the group get out of joining in, many men’s period hairstyles are easily adaptable from modern styles and making the effort can be fun. Getting your guests to join in can be a fantastic way of coordinating your entire wedding, getting some amazing wedding photos and offering everyone an opportunity to get involved and glam up.

Vintage Style Table Tea Lights

Table decorations and flowers can be as overtly vintage styled as you like, or muted to just a vintage colour scheme. Think ostrich feathers and martini glasses or simple, clean colours of sage green or dusty pink on more traditional designs. Go all out if your budget allows and hire a swing band or simply play period songs instead of using a modern DJ. The best thing about a vintage wedding theme is that it offers a wide choice of styles and looks and can be adapted to suit weddings grand or intimate.

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