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The Best Maternity Wedding Dresses for 2019

Being an expectant bride and mother can be momentous experiences on their own or simultaneously. If you are going to walk down the aisle with a baby bump in tow, there are some considerations that you have to keep in mind when looking for maternity wedding dresses.

With that being said, however, there are quite a lot of wedding dresses out there for mothers-to-be to wear on their big day. And below are some of the more notable examples.

Tiffany Rose



Designed by Tiffany Rose, the Amelia gown is all about highlighting your baby bump. It’s jersey made from soft ivory lace hugs your upper body comfortably without making you too hot. It also comes with an elegant design from top to bottom which highlights any figure elegantly.

The Amelia dress comes in both mid length and full length variants. This way, you can pick which style suits you best on your wedding day.

  • Classic Ivory plus over 8 other colours 
  • Designed to grow with you 
  • Sheer lace sleeves and neckline

Alaska gown

Designed by Tiffany Rose, this wedding gown is made of a light fabric and is quite perfect for summer weddings. It’s design makes it easy to wear and the sleeves contain quite a lot of detail which gives the gown a rather elegant finish.

And if you are worrying about fitting issues, the dress does come with a stretch finish. This makes it easy to adjust to your body figure regardless of the stage of your pregnancy.

  • Sheer floral lace with subtle stretch 
  • Full-length maternity gown
  • Also available in a Plus size

Eden gown

Tiffany Rose’s Eden dress is able to find a balance between Elegance and Simplicity. It comes with a stretch lace overlay design and is made from a lace that gives off a shimmering effect whenever the wearer moves.

All of this is then pulled by a satin belt on the west which highlights the wearer’s figure even more.

  • Worn by Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine of Sweden
  • Works well with different hair colours and skin tones
  • Best-selling gown in new shade of Arabian Nights

Helena gown

If the wedding is going to be set on a colder month like December or January, then this gown should be ideal for you. It is made from thick yet light lace with a streamlined design. It should conform to your figure while keeping you warm while still keeping everything elegant.

There is also an optional sash which can be placed on the belly to highlight your womb even more but makes it look smaller. And, to top things off, the gown ends on a fishtail-like design, giving the entire dress a flowing appeal.

  • 1930s style and inspiration 
  • Demure high front neckline 
  • Daring scoop neckline to the back

Verona gown

One of the best gowns to come from the Tiffany Rose collection, the Verona is a gown made from eyelash lace which is then paired with a soft ivory jersey. It’s design is elegant enough but will complement your figure regardless of how well you are into your pregnancy.

And if you need a bit of proof on this gown’s popularity, a copy of it was worn by Julia Stiles on her wedding day. Knowing that the dress you wore has found its way into Hollywood should be enough to put a smile on any lady on their big day; apart from the main event, of course.

  • Delicate eyelash lace overlay
  • Three quarter sleeves 
  • Also available in Plus Sizes


This dress comes with a scooped neck and off the shoulder design, giving it a timelessly elegant appeal. It comes with a simpler design all over which makes the gown a great partner for simple accessories.

The gown is made from a light lace material which allows the figure to breathe on a hot day. This makes the gown ideal for summer weddings or any wedding with a nature theme.

  • Off-the-shoulder sleeves giving a relaxed, grown-up feel
  • Ivory drape from a stylish cowl neck
  • Iconic



Lace and Silk

With a design adorned with fluttering lace sleeves, this ivory silk wedding dress looks like it stepped right out of a fairy tale. The gown was designed to make the wearer feel comfortable as they move while still retaining a great level of elegance.

And if you are wondering if this gown fits all stages of pregnancy, it does. It comes with a sash of silk satin which gives the dress a rather form-fitting yet tailored look.

  • Fairytale wedding
  • Lace bodice
  • 100% silk skirt

Wrap maternity

Designed again by Seraphine, this dress keeps everything short yet dignified. It has a shorter hemline which pushes focus on your belly and allows you to move more.

The wedding dress is also designed to be flexible. This means that it will hug your figure comfortably on your wedding without restricting you on your waist.

  • Classic
  • Lace back detailing
  • Flattering ruched bodice

Motherhood Maternity

Lace Hem Maxi

This wedding gown is perfect for beach weddings and other open air events due to its flowing, elegant design. It’s waist was designed to hug the belly so the wearer can proudly show their figure.

Also, the dress uses a fine silk lace which allows the body to breathe. This should make anyone wearing it feel comfortable as they move.

  • Sleeveless maxi with scoop neck 
  • Lace trim
  • Textured fabric

White Runway

Composure gown

This gown is designed by Pasduchas, this gown features the right kind of sexy with an off-shoulder design. If you are one that is a bit conscious with your baby bump, this gown should be an option as its design takes focus from your belly to your shoulder.

The gown comes in the traditional ivory white which is perfect for traditional weddings. But, if your wedding is far from traditional, the gown also comes in a bright wine color.

  • Super comfortable
  • Zip on centre back
  • Fully lined

ASOS Edition

Floral and Sequin gown

This gown is designed by ASOS, this gown sports embroidered flowers all over. It is then topped with vine patterns which completes the gowns earthy look.

The floral and sequin dress carefully treads the balance between formal and casual due to its sequin details and sleeveless design. As such, it is perfect for a wedding set out in the open air and during summer.

  • Sheer mesh with embroidery
  • Partial lining
  • Lightweight design

Envie De Fraise Flora maternity maxi dress

One of France’s best-known wedding gown lines for expectant mothers, the Envie De Fraise Flora line features a simply yet undoubtedly European flair with a sleeveless design and a V-neck. The gown features a knot just above your belly, giving your baby bump the right kind of attention.

And due to its simplicity, the Envie De Fraise flora gown is great when partnered with more elaborate accessories. If you are the one to walk down the aisle wearing a tiara or a jeweled headdress, this gown might be the one for you.

  • Simple yet elegant
  • Sleeveless & V-neck
  • Machine wash or Dry clean

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

Choosing a maternity wedding gown can be daunting itself. To help alleviate some of the
stress from finding the best gown for you, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Mind the Silhouette

First of all, do you want to emphasize the fact that you are pregnant or not? Your
answer to this question dictates your options for gowns as there are types out
there that either hide or highlight your baby bump.

If you are one that does not want to give too much emphasis on your growing belly,
then a gown with an empire waist or a lace overlay is a good option. But if you
are not one to shy away from showing your baby bump, it is best to find a dress
that comes with a satin mesh or a belt that highlights your belly more.

  • Size Up

Usually, it will take a few months for you to get your wedding dress once you have
ordered it. That means your belly should have grown even bigger by the time
that gown arrives on your doorstep.

When looking for a gown for your big day, make sure that it does not hug your belly
too tightly as of testing if it fits. The rule of thumb is to add an inch of
your belly for each month from that day to your wedding. And, if you are not
that confident with math, you can always refer to the store’s sizing chart.
They will guide you in picking a dress that will comfortably fit you regardless
of how big your belly is going to get.

  • Know the Fabrics

The materials that make up the gown can determine whether or not you will be
comfortable wearing it on your wedding day. Stick to fabrics that can stretch
as this will give your figure enough leeway so you won’t feel restricted as you
wear it.

Fabrics like thulle and chiffon are lightweight and allow the body to breathe despite
the gown hugging the shape of your body. Jersey is also a great material as it
can stretch considerably, making wedding dresses made of this material ideal
for women on the later stages of their pregnancy.

  • Simplicity is Always the Best

Even if it is your big day, it would be best to not to go over the top. The reason
for this is that you are competing with your belly so having an overly designed
dress is going to make you look off. Also, an overly designed dress tend to be
cumbersome which will not do you any favors on your wedding.

Instead, look for a dress with a design simple enough that it captures your figure and
complements it. This way, the focus is shared between you and your baby bump
even as you walk down that aisle.

To Conclude

So which wedding gown works best for you? That is one thing that only you could
answer. When looking for the best wedding dress, it would be ideal that you
find a balance between Form and Function.

Simply put, that dress should be the kind of attire that can make you look good
without making you look uncomfortable. If you can do this, you can make
yourself elegant without sacrificing your ability to enjoy your big day.


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The Wedding beard

The Wedding Beard

It used to be the case that only certain cultures of our society wore a beard but try walking down the street without seeing at least one. Yes, times have changed and beards are commonplace. With beards actually raising the standard of looking their best no doubt our grooms will want to parade their furry friends on their big day so today we are going to talk about how you might prepare your beard for that wedding.

Firstly note that not everyone can grow the same type of beards. So first thing is to know what suits you.

Like looking for that particular style of wedding suit, preparation begins months in advance for a well-manicured beard.

We suggest the ManCave beard oil is a reasonable product to keep the beard soft and itch-free.

But before anything else, let’s lay out some “ground rules” first.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Having a Wedding Beard

The key to having a perfect Wedding Beard is just forgetting you have shears and shaving cream, right? Wrong. Growing that perfect beard is going to take a lot of care and a whole lot of common sense. In fact, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

  1. Do Mind Your Role

When it comes to beards, just remember that the range of your options is inversely proportionate to your importance in the wedding. If you are a guest, then pretty much anything goes. This is true if you are attending the wedding on your own.

And even if you have your wife or girlfriend with you, your options for beards are going to be considerable. However, keep in mind that you might also be dragged into a lot of photo opportunities. As such, looking your very best will still matter.

However, if you are playing an important role in the wedding like the best man or, better yet,
the groom, then how you can style your beard is going to be limited. In fact, you might have to fight it out with your partner and family just to have a beard on your big day.

Either way, it is best that you pick the styles that highlight your best features. Which leads to our next point.

  • Don’t Make a Drastic Change

Ironically, the rule that brides have to follow with their wedding makeup applies to men and their wedding beards: pick one that reflects YOU, and not you putting on some costume.

If your everyday stubble goes along with almost every formal wear that you have ever worn, then adding a few centimetres of hair on your face is not going to hurt. If you have always looked good with a full-on beard, then trimming it at the edges would work well to your favour.

That being said, a wedding is not the time to do something cool with your beard. If you’re just fine with a regular beard, then showing up on the wedding looking like you’ve just stepped out of the 18th century is going to make heads turn; for all the wrong reasons.

  • Do Clean Up

Having the perfect wedding beard is actually finding a balance between letting things grow and cleaning up. Think of it like you are making sculpture out of a bush: you’d have to know where and how to trim things to add dimension.

And, of course, you can’t do this without the right tools. There are products out there like
Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo and Old Spice’s Sculpting Pomade that are going to give your beard the volume and luster it needs. Plus, these products can help you keep your beard in place when you opt for something stylish.

Investing on a good brush and comb will also do wonders. There are several products out there
that do come with a complementary comb or brush made specifically for beards.
As such, it would be best that you consider these items.

  • Don’t Make it a Last-Minute Decision

Growing a beard takes a lot of time. In fact, it would take you more than a month to grow a
beautiful patch of beard over your face for the wedding.

Planning to get a beard a few days before the wedding is not going to bode well for you. At the
least, you’ll get something pathetic. At worst, you’ll end up with something that looks scraggly and unkempt. And no, even the best growth oils out there like Growther Beard Growth Oil can’t get your face blanketed with enough facial hair in such a short amount of time.

Give yourself at least a week to a full month to grow a beard and then trim and care for it. Not only will you end up with something majestic but you’ll send a signal that you have actually made an effort in making yourself look good to everybody; especially if you have an important role in the wedding.

And while we’re on the issue of last-minute decisions, never ever shave your beard on the night before the wedding. Not only does this mean that you are going to throw out months of work literally down the drain, but you’d end up with a haphazard shaved look. Think of it this way: you can’t expect to remove an entire beard of your face overnight without leaving stubble here and there.

The Best Wedding Beards Today

Now that these concerns are out of the way, let’s get to the part of actually growing your beard. Sure, you can grow your beard however you like but there are some styles out there are more suitable to a wedding. Here are some of them:

  1. Imperial Style

One of the more trending styles today, the Imperial style is traditional enough to give men Imperial beardthat “macho” vibe. However, it has an artistic flair to it to give anyone wearing a bird that much-needed class.

Imperial style beards have a standard beard that measures up to an inch in volume along the lower jaw. However, this is then topped with a full moustache that curves upwards at the side.

The imperial style works well if you have short yet styled hair. Also, it works great for men with long faces but are of average height.

  • Short and Trimmed

Short beardThis style is quite popular because it is easy to grow and manage. All you have to do is to let 

your beard grow for a week and then trim it at the edges just before the wedding day. There are trimming kits readily available online that can give your beard the dimensions it needs. Also, this style is best for men with round-shaped heads.




  • The Full Beard

For the ultimate of dashing manliness, the Full Beard is your best option. This style Full beardis quite straightforward a concept as it simply means you allow your beard to cover your entire face and have it reach as far as your Adam’s Apple.

However, the key to success here is to reduce the “fuzziness” of your beard. That means you have to constantly trim it at the edges especially at the lower sections. This way, your beard takes on a more bulb-like shape by following the contours of your chin.

Also, this is the style that is going to take the longest to prepare. If you don’t have the genes to grow facial hair that fast, it can take months for you to get a full beard. As such, it’s best that you start growing your beard as soon as you get that wedding invitation.

Like the Imperial Style, Full Beards complement equally fashionable hairstyles. In this case, a high and tight haircut goes well for your full beard or even a simple barber’s cut. The point is that your hair should be shorter than your beard if you want to take full advantage of this style.

  • 5 O’clock Shadow

For men that are not genetically predisposed for full-on beards, this is the best (and sometimes only) option. It’s also the fastest style to grow as you can have one just by opting not to shave for a day or 3.

However, the key here is to maintain that thin stubble and prevent it from growing a centimetre further. Again, there are trimming and styling kits online that can help you shave off extra bits of hair. If done right, what you’ll end up with is a quasi-bearded yet still rugged face.

  • French Style

Another popular beard style, the French is great for men with round faces or those with a less-pronounced chin. To get this style, all you have to do is to grow a full beard and then shave off the unwanted areas. These are the sides at the cheeks and at the lower jaw.

What you will end up is a beard that covers your chin and connects to your moustache. It would be even better if you can maintain a soul patch below your lower lip to give your beard a crown or anchor-like appearance.

If you want to take things a bit further, you can let the beard grow into a medium stubble. This will make the French style even more pronounced by giving your beard extra layers. After that, all you have to do is just trim off the edges and prevent things from growing any further.

In Conclusion

It’s often said that growing a perfect beard is hard. That is not exactly true if you already have the tendency to grow facial fuzz within a few days. The challenge comes in committing to a certain style and maintaining the health and luster of your beard before the big day.

there are products and tools out there that can help you grow, trim, and style
our beard. A wedding is a momentous and stylish event, after your face.


ManCave Beard Oil

Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO

Old Spice’s Sculpting Pomade

Growther Beard Growth Oil

Trimming kits



Wedding fashion 2018: brides are ditching veils for modern hats

In the past it has been customary to walk down the aisle wearing a sweeping white dress and matching elegant veil. But, in recent years, modern brides have well and truly switched up wedding day style rules, banishing tradition bridal dresses for jumpsuits, capes and colour, as well as ditching veils for flower crowns or bedazzled headbands. Sabrina Carder writes in the Evening Standard her update on the wedding veil. Anything that isn’t a veil seems to go. From sleek white fedoras to floppy straw styles, bridal hats are the new ‘it’ wedding accessory in town. And, thanks to Instagram, the new trend has quickly picked up pace. Emily Ratajkowski first bought the trend to our attention back in February when she married Sebastian Bear-McClard at New York City Hall in a very unconventional outfit. The ensemble consisted of a £120 mustard suit from high-street shop Zara and a wide-brim black fedora hat adorned with a mini veil. Furthermore, the model isn’t the only celebrity to take bridal headgear up a notch.
Millie Mackintosh

Photo Credit: Evening Standard Limited

  Millie Mackintosh opted for a similar bridal ensemble when she recently wed Hugo Taylor. But, the 29-year-old managed to put a tradition spin on the suit and hat combination, sticking to an all-white colour scheme.   The ‘gram has also been filled with fashion-forward brides rocking the new must-have accessory. For ultimate inspo check out hat enthusiast, Quigley Goode, who has served up numerous perfect bridal looks featuring extra large panama hats. Tempted? Us too. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you could make a real show-stopping entrance in an extra large straw hat like Danish model, Emma Leth, who paired a piece of Jacquemus headgear with a see-through wedding dress back in June. So, if you want to elevate your bridal look this year, you now know how.

HILARY Swank secretly marries in forest near her home

Hilary Swank marries

Photo credit: Vogue

The actress Hilary Swank ties the knot with social entrepreneur Philip Schneider in a stunning yet intimate wedding location close to her California home.

Alexandra Macon of Vogue detailed the joys for us.

Actress Wears Elie Saab Couture and Christian Dior at Her Wedding in the Redwoods

Hilary wore a white lace and embroidered dress by Ellie Saab Couture for her fairytale ceremony. Mariska Hargitay served as her maid of honour while fellow actor and Supernatural star Misha Collins were amongst the guests.

The gown comprised of 25 meters of Chantilly lace, eight meters of silk chiffon, furthermore six meters of organza silk. It took 150 hours to create with 70 hours of that focused exclusively on embroidery. Seven people made the dress, including three seamstresses, two petites mains, one patternmaker, and above all, the head of the atelier. “I have loved Elie Saab for years and was thrilled he designed my dress,” Hilary says. “I wanted something romantic that felt as timeless as the redwood grove where we were to be married, and he consequently delivered. Designing something that far surpassed my greatest expectations, as a result it was certainly everything I imagined and more.”

Of the setting, most noteworthy, “It was timeless. There is just no other way to describe it.” explained Hilary. The couple said their vows in intimate redwood grove populated with trees that are over 800 years old.

Looking to have a wedding that is truly personal to your being? A good tip is to mull over what resonates with you, whether you want all your brothers and sisters in particular colours, or that as an environmentalist you’d want to press the point home around using recycled or sustainable goods and products.

Whatever it is, jot it down and keep doing this. Oftentimes, the ‘resonation’ comes to you unexpectedly when exercising, or having doing something quite unrelated! Over a time, you’ll have put together a vision of what you truly would like to have on the rare day where you get to call the shots in having that perfect day.  Then the rest is simpler to execute, if you have a wedding planner give them the vision, otherwise do it yourself pick up things in advance. Half the fun is in the journey


Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

Ever wonder why brides wear veils on their wedding day. What is the significance of that delicate fabric covering your face? That can only be removed when it is time for the groom to kiss the bride.

Ellen Scott just got the answer to that.

Why do brides wear veils on their wedding day?

Veils came into practice at different points in different cultures, and have seen dips and increases in their popularity. But here are the main reasons and theories behind a bride’s NEED to wear a veil.

Brides wear veils to ward off demons

Wedding veils started being a thing in Roman times, when brides were covered from head to toe in a massive red veil called ‘flammeum’.

Why? Because Romans were scared of evil spirits popping into the ceremony to curse the couple. They thought that making it look like the bride was on fire would scare them off. Makes sense.

Brides wear veils to symbolise their virginity

And their ‘purity’. Agh.

It’s all to do with being covered, and the veil being a thinly veiled (pun intended) reference to the hymen. Veil intact, virginity intact. So you can go right ahead and get wedded.

Brides have their veils lifted as a sign of ownership

Think about it this way: whoever unwraps a present is the owner, right?So through the ages, tradition has stated that the father of the bride must lower the veil on his daughter’s face, in order to ‘gift’ her to her new husband.

For full list, please go here.

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK


Catwalk Dresses Perfect For Summer Wedding Dresses

More often than not, brides take inspiration for their wedding dresses from catwalks, fairs or movies. They get the inspiration and picture that perfect wedding dress for their dream wedding. Today we focus on the runway and look at how catwalk dresses may play a part on your day.

And here are some more inspiration for all of you who are planning your wedding for the coming summer.

39 Catwalk Dresses That Are Perfect For A Summer 2016 Wedding

Julien Macdonald

Photo Credits : Elle UK

Photo Credits : Elle UK

Jenny Packham

Photo Credits : Elle UK

Photo Credits : Elle UK


Photo Credits : Elle UK

Photo Credits : Elle UK


Photo Credits : Elle UK

Photo Credits : Elle UK

Alberta Ferratti

Photo Credits : Elle UK

Photo Credits : Elle UK

For the full list, please go here.


Bridal Fashion Week’s Unique Styling Ideas

Each bride is different. Each have their own type of dress and type of wedding they wanted to have. And so being unique is a wonderful yet hard thing to do.

So it is always helpful to attend bridal shows, fairs and fayres. So that you can get fresh new ideas.

For these year’s Bridal Fashion week, here are some of the unique styling ideas that has been gathered by Bibby Sowray

10 unique styling ideas from Bridal Fashion Week

The social bride
There’s no getting away from social media these days so you may as well embrace it on your wedding day, says Reem Acra. The designer sent models down the runway with bedazzled selfie sticks and sporting sparkling headphones – no doubt inspired by Dolce & Gabbana. It’s a bold move, but if you’re a bride who can’t bear to be apart from your social media accounts, this is the look for you.

social media

Frida Kahlo flower crowns
Naeem Khan never disappoints, and for autumn/winter 2016 he was inspired by Frida Kahlo’s favoured placement of flowers in her hair to create a wonderful riff on the tired flower crown trend.

flower crown

Capes and capelets
Capes never loose their classic elegance so are the perfect alternative to a veil. They can be long, simple and sweeping, like at Pronovias, or short and detailed like at Flora.


Icy blue
There’s no reason why you can’t be your own something blue. Coloured gowns are becoming more and more common and an icy blue hue is just right for a winter wedding. Marchesa’s epic ombre gown is a dream, while Houghton’s holographic, palest blue sequins are just the thing for the more adventurous bride.

icy blue

Skater bride
Being a bride is really stressful, so why not be comfortable while you’re doing it. Try sparkling skater shoes – which remain very much on-trend – or a delicate lade hoodie to add a casual edge to a bridal look.


To view full list, please go here.


100 Years of Fashion: Wedding Dresses By Mode

Wedding dresses have gone through quite the transformation over the decades. After all, trends come and go from a daily basis.That is even though wedding gowns tend to have a longer shelf life than any other clothes we wear.

And for that, Mode, have created a film that breaks down how wedding dresses have transformed from 1915 to date. And that is in under 3 minutes.

Click the picture below to see the video.



Real Life Princesses and their Breathtaking Wedding Gowns

Every girl dreams being a princess at one point in their life. And more often than not, it is realized on the day of their wedding.

Who would not feel like a princess when you wear the wedding dress of your dreams?

And to give you some insights on what real life princesses wedding gowns would look like, take a peek on the list made by Aemilia Madden.

21 Breathtaking Wedding Gowns Worn by Real-Life Princesses

Duchess Catherine Cambridge

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK

Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, 2011

Kate Middleton married Prince William in an Alexander McQueen gown designed by Sarah Burton.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, 2011

Charlene Wittstock married Prince Albert in a gown designed by Giorgio Armani.

Princess Charlene Monaco

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK

Princess Claire

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK

Princess Claire of Luxembourg 2013

Claire Lademacher married Prince Felix of Luxembourg wearing a gown designed by Elie Saab.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, 2013

Princess Madeleine married Christopher O’Neill wearing a creation by Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani.

Princess Madeleine Sweden

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK

Princess Sofia

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK

Princess Sofia of Sweden, 2015

Sofia Hellqvist married Prince Carl Philip of Sweden wearing a gown by Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt.

Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg, 2012

Stephanie de Lannoy married Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg wearing a custom gown by designer Elie Saab.

Princess Stephanie Luxembourg

Photo Credit: Popsugar UK

For the full list of Real Life Princesses gorgeous wedding gowns, please go here

How about you? Which one do you like best?

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