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Wedding Colours to Inspire You for 2021 and 2022

2020 may have left a bad aftertaste for everybody but wedding-wise things are set to pick up again latter half of 2021 and 2022. Weddings were scarce during the lock-downs but more and more soon-to-be-wed couples are planning their big days this year and the next.

And if you are one the lucky people who would tie the knot this year and in the next, then you need a bit of inspiration for themes and colours. The years after 2020 are all about hope, renewal, and the need to move forward with life. The colour combinations below would highlight those themes and more.

  1. Earth

Warm and earthy colours were a big trend for weddings in the 2010s and they are expected to remain strong for the new decade. This can be chalked up to the fact that more and more couples are setting their weddings in outdoors-y venues and in the seasons of summer and autumn, where warm and natural colours dominate the landscape.

If you are setting your wedding during the summer, a bright scheme with hues of yellow, sky blue, and green will be recommended. For autumn weddings, something more subdued like brown, sepia, orange, and maroon would be more fitting.

  1. Metal

2021 is all about catching up with the people that you missed last year so a bit of a vintage theme for a wedding wouldn’t hurt. A great accompaniment to vintage themes are metallic colours. If you are planning an artsy wedding complete with a midnight blue theme, you can pair the blue with either gold or silver.

If you are planning an outdoors wedding with a dominant teal or sage colour scheme, you can use copper as an accent to these colours. Of course, you can use actual metallic objects in your weddings like metal chairs, centerpieces, silver/copper chandeliers, and vases to give your wedding/reception area a bit of a subdued yet still regal flair.

  1. Sand

Does the bride want a gown that isn’t white but not too garish? Then opt for a light and earthy colour like sand and tan. This is great for outdoor weddings especially during spring when the air is still fair.

Sand and tan colour schemes are also a hit for beach weddings since they blend well with the sand and give off a laid-back vibe. Just accompany the colours with something like white or blue to break the monotony.

  1. Dark

For a more classical look, choose dark colours midnight black or dark blue. This works well if the wedding is to take place late afternoon to evening, when the atmosphere is cooler and more subdued.

Aside from that, Jazz and Old Hollywood themed weddings are becoming a trend in the past few months. As such, colours like black, blue, crimson, maroon, and gray would be recommended to give the wedding this rich and regal appeal.

  1. Jewel

No, we are not talking about giving your wedding a blinding, sparkly, colour scheme. Instead, Jewel-style wedding themes are those that follow a “gradient” of sorts which you will see at the surface of a rock like jade, ruby, and emerald.

You’ll notice that a part of the stone is darker than the rest and goes progressively lighter. You can replicate this by choosing one colour like, say, blue and then assigning different shades of blue for every piece of the wedding. You can have the bridesmaids closest to the bride wear dark blue gowns and the rest where progressively lighter shades of blue. The same goes for table pieces and accents.

Sure, this style needs a lot of coordination as one misplaced element can break the gradient effect. However, if done right, the result is this jewel-like effect which will be perfect for photo opportunities.

  1. Desert

This colour scheme uses the sand and tan combination as a base but takes it up a notch. Match sand and tan colours with some light green to give up an arid desert vibe.

You can also use light, willow green as a primary colour which will then be accented by gray, matte copper, and lemonade yellow. The end result is this stark yet calming colour combination which is great for weddings set in between spring and summer.

  1. Fruits

A combination of green, orange, yellow, and white gives off a tropical and energetic vibe to a wedding. The yellow will catch the attention of onlookers but this will be balanced by the earthier orange and green.

As for the white, use it as a base or canvass of sorts wherein you will place your colours at. This colour combination is great for weddings held at the beach or in a tropical setting as well as in the summer season.

  1. Desert Rose

This colour combination highlights a very muted shade of pink nearing lavender. What this gives off is this simple yet sophisticated feel which could work in whatever season.

Accompany this pink with an equally muted green or light blue as an accent. You can also use gray and maroon as a contrast like having the bridesmaids where the pink while the groom’s entourage wear gray suits with maroon ties. For an earthy appeal, use actual flowers and leaves as accessories in the tables, bouquet, and backdrop.

  1. Nostalgia

If you were born in the 90s and 80s, this trend might work well for your wedding. Colours like Fuchsia, bright yellow, red, and cobalt blue are garish colours per se but that is the point of this scheme. You have to use these bright colours smartly to catch the eyes of people and remind them of a brighter, more colourful era.

Since this trend throws subtlety out of the window, place the bright colours at the very forefront of the wedding. You can use rainbow-coloured flowers, neon lights, and even colour patterns in the backdrop, suits, and gowns.

To make the theme even more 90s, add some scribbles, curves, and squiggly lines in the invitation in combination with polka dots and coloured shapes as a tribute to Saturday morning cartoons of old. Just remember that this colour trend is not to everybody’s taste. At best, it is a scheme perfect for those who never want to miss an opportunity to make a statement.

  1. Wine

Deep reddish brown colours like Burgundy, Purple, Crimson, and Maroon are perfect for autumn and winter weddings although more and more couples are beginning to use theme more in the warmer seasons. What immediately sets these colours apart is they look cool and dignified without having to add in further accents.

However, that is not to say that these colours are great on their own. You can use a contrast of sorts for these colours depending on the season. If the wedding is to be in autumn or winter, then use dark blue and other deep colours to further highlight the cool factor.

If the wedding is to be held at spring or summer, then perhaps a combination of white, green, and blue can give the wedding a regal and earthly appeal.

Which Wedding Colours are Right for You?

There are a lot of neat colour trends for weddings right now. But which of these would work well for your occasion? Here are some tips to consider so you could make a decision.

  1. Mind the Location

If you are a bit stumped at what colours to use for your wedding, take note of where your wedding is going to take place. There are venues that work with one type of colour like beaches and rustic chapels while others like warehouses can be blank slates that you can take advantage of.

The point here is that the colours you will use must match the venue where your wedding is going to be set. And if both cannot meet, then prioritise the former over the latter.

  1. Think of the Season

When your wedding is to take place will also matter. The seasons tend to favour some colour schemes over others. Spring, for instance, will be best for subtle and earthly colours like green and dusty pink while summer is for bright ones like yellow and sky blue. For autumn, a more subdued orange will work while winter is best for cooler shades like blue and purple.

And if your favorite colours are off-season, don’t worry. A particularly good wedding planner can find a shade to off-set that colour and make it work with the climate.

  1. Don’t Overthink

A mistake a lot of couples make is to overthink what colours they would use for their wedding. From what shades to use to what accents to pair with the primary colours, choosing the right wedding colour can be a tiring process if you want it to be.

But here’s the thing, though: you don’t have to stress yourself out finding the “perfect” wedding colour scheme. Instead of following the schemes above to the letter, use them more of a guide instead. After all, the best weddings are those that do not go exactly to plan, especially when it comes to colours.

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