Wedding Gifts for the Bride – Bridal Jewellery

As well as traditional gifts for the groom it is also traditional for the groom to give the bride a gift, ideally something ‘new’ that she can wear down the aisle. With all the gift giving happening on the wedding day, the most special gifts of all come from each other and not just with the wedding vows. She will have chosen a special gift for the groom and now it is the groom’s turn to buy that special gift, a piece of memory that she will treasure forever as a permanent reminder of the happiest day of her life.

Now a piece of jewellery is the obvious choice as something she can wear on the day. If you’re not sure what her tastes are then take along her sister, mother or friend to help you choose just the right piece.

Matching Pendants & Earrings

Sarah Earrings Sarah Necklace - Pearl and CZ

This gorgeous matching set is bound to turn heads and add a bit of sparkle and glamour to her wedding outfit. The Sarah Earrings are made from freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia stones set in either a silver or gold background. On their own they make stunning pieces and together with the matching Sarah Necklace they make an exquisite set, with the creamy glow of the pearls reflecting the purity of marriage whilst the sparkling stones that are hand set are a symbol of celebration and love.

Eternity Pendant Georgia Earring

Another matching jewellery set for the bride that is in impeccable taste is the Eternity Pendant by Jessica Greenaway. A beautiful handmade three coloured gold ring pendant on a fine silver chain “A circle is an endless line, no beginning no end, symbolizing eternity.” This three different colour gold ring necklace on a fine sterling silver chain is handmade by Jessica and is a beautiful gift for a loved one to wear. Team the pendant with these stunning matching Georgia Earrings. The perfect wedding earring for complete elegance with a touch of sparkle!  Where the Bride doesn’t want a drop earring but not so sure about a stud earring.  This is the answer; just a bit of movement with all the subtlety of a simple stud. Swarovski crystal ball, swarovski crystal rondelle and antique cream pearl on silver or gold earring post or hook.  The choice of pearl can be a vintage 1940’s cream faux pearl, a cream or an ivory pearl for a more contemporary look. Made to perfectly compliment the pendant for a jewellery set that the bride will treasure for years to come.

Aquamarine stud earrings in 14ct white gold Aquamarine pendant in 14ct white gold

Some jewellery pieces also have a deeper meaning, such as birthstone jewellery. These March Aquamarine Birthstone Ear Studs represent the month of March and can be worn as her “something blue” as they have a deep, aquamarine tone. They are designed as part of the New York Hudson Collection and are exclusive to Astley Clarke, which makes these sweet little earrings as unique as the bride!

You can team them up with this matching Aquamarine Pendant which comes, like the earrings, in 14ct white gold with a single magnificently cut aquamarine pendant suspended on the chain in simple splendour. You can buy either the pendant or the earrings separately or as a set and if March isn’t her birth month, then have a look through the exclusive online catalogue at Astley Clarke for just the right birthstone for her.


Oyster-Pink Pearl Drop Pendant Grey Pearl Drop Pendant

This fine Oyster-Pink Pearl Drop Pendant is delicately gorgeous and just perfect for wearing with a stunning wedding dress. Ideally your jewellery gift for the bride should be kept simple and elegant so that it doesn’t complicate her wedding dress, which makes this Pearl Drop necklace the best candidate for the job. It’s unfussy, creamy and breathtakingly beautiful. The necklace also comes as a Grey Pearl Drop Pendant which has a mesmerising deep, glossy hue and is a timeless classical piece that she can wear time and again. Both pendants also come with matching earrings.

Freshwater Lustre Pearl Knotted 7.5" Bracelet with Gold Clasp Cultured Grey Pearl Knotted 7.5" Bracelet with White Gold Clasp

Pearls were once only available to the richest of women, but now she can have her very own string of pearls taken from freshwater mussels. It is said that the more often you wear your pearls, the more resplendent they become as your body’s natural oils keep them looking lustrous and there is no reason why your bride wouldn’t want to wear this Freshwater Pearl Bracelet every day! Worn on its own or with the pearl drop pendants it makes a stunning piece that will attract plenty of compliments!

So too will the Cultured Grey Pearl Bracelet which compliments the grey pearl drop pendant. This bracelet is made from cultured pearls which comes from oysters and each one is hand set onto the bracelet which is then finished off with an 18ct white gold clasp.

Freshwater coin pearl bracelet with sterling silver clasp Snowdrop bracelet in sterling silver

Cultured pearls feature again in this Florin Pearl Bracelet where the coin shaped pearls are hand knotted onto a white silk thread and fastened with a sterling silver clasp. The pearls are creamy white with subtle pink overtones and make an exclusive bracelet that she’ll love!

The humble snowdrop is the first flower of spring, often pushing up its shoots whilst snow is still on the ground. It symbolises purity and hope and therefore makes a deep and meaningful gift for the bride and this Snowdrop Bracelet is one symbolic bracelet that she’ll be proud to wear as she walks up the aisle to give herself to you in love and in life.


silver locket bridal jewellery silver heart locket

A locket is the perfect gift to give the bride from the groom as she can then insert a precious reminder of the wedding day. When my own husband presented me with a locket for our wedding day I chose to insert a piece of my wedding dress and whenever I wear it now I am reminded of our love for each other. It’s an utterly romantic gesture which is made more so when you add your own personal engraving which you can do with the Silver Astley Locket beautifully set with a star moonstone and a secret compartment. You can choose to have it engraved either on the front or back or even inside with a loving tribute for her eyes only.

Just as gorgeous is this Dower & Hall Silver Heart Locket Pendant with a pretty and delicate heart shaped locket that you can give as a symbol of how your heart is now with hers. Even the sterling silver fastening is a romantic heart shaped clasp!

There are many more examples of unique wedding jewellery that makes perfect gifts for the bride so you are sure to find something that will have a deep meaning for the both of you and like most wedding jewellery, it will be something that she can pass down through the family so you never know, you may be the proud father of the bride one day, watching as your own daughter wears the sentimental piece of jewellery that you gave to your bride-to-be.