Wedding Colour Trends

With Spring fast approaching, the fashion industry has gone wild over colour schemes for Spring/ Summer 2012. Widely recognised as the leader in colour and colour forecasting, Pantone is the place everyone looks to for inspiration. Providing card colour swatches to designers and manufacturers and offering a bi-annual colour forecasting service that spans 24 months, Pantone are the technical experts at creating consistent and vibrant colours in all mediums.

Wedding collection based on Pantone Colour Trends

Pantone’s fashion colour report for Spring 2012 is available on their website and, according to them, tangerine is in. But what does that mean for your wedding?

If following the fashion trend is your thing, then there are some beautiful ways to incorporate the Pantone predictions in to your wedding and it doesn’t necessarily have to be through clothes. Use your table decorations, crockery and food decoration to introduce your favourite Spring 2012 colour. Put together a mood board where the joining theme is the colour and see what inspiration you can find.

Tangerine Bridesmaid Dress from the Dessy Pantone Collection

By following the fashion trends, purchasing ready-to-wear wedding clothing will be easier to coordinate across sizes and styles. You can even buy high street fashion instead of wedding specific pieces if you wished, with stores stocking the same colour palettes your choice of colour scheme should be available everywhere.

Apple green bridesmaid dress

While fashion designers take their cues from Pantone and any trends that arise from the big fashion shows, weddings make it far easier to march to a song from your own band. Although the fashion forecast colours will be dominating stores across the board, don’t forget that other colours will still be available and weddings tend to have their own trends. Kelsey Rose is a leading company in Bridesmaid dresses and has some stunning styles and colours available from retailers across Europe, and they aren’t the only ones.

Red, white and blue bridesmaids dresses

Each area of the world will also have it’s own trends. Pantone is an American company with divisions based across the globe, whilst its forecasting takes in to account worldwide trends it won’t focus on any one nation. With the 2012 Olympics due to take place later in the year, all things British are in vogue and that can extend to your wedding colour scheme.

Coast Savannah Maxi Dress in Black

Don’t be afraid of darker or more vibrant colours, weddings don’t have to be entirely in pastels. Black at weddings has become more and more popular; from the bride’s dress to the table decorations, black is no longer a colour that has to be avoided.

Ultimately, the decision on what colour scheme to use at your wedding is entirely down to you. Fashion may offer some pointers, and trends will ensure that some colours are easier to find than others, but if the colour you want isn’t this season’s hottest colour then that’s no reason not to pursue it. Shop around, think outside the box, put together a unique and colour full wedding that’s down to your choice and not dictated by fashion.

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