Smart Men’s Formalwear

No matter what the occasion, men hate clothes shopping, even if it’s for their own wedding day! However this is the one occasion where you need to check every single detail and be 100% certain that you are happy with the colour, cut, fit and style of the suit – which means making sure you try it on! Now luckily for those men who can barely walk into a formal clothes shop without breaking into a sweat, there are few online stores who provide tailored, high quality suits and formal wear for men that will be delivered straight to your door – no fuss!

Morning Suits

Morning suits are ultra smart men’s formal wear that is almost exclusively reserved for weddings or official functions. Traditionally a tailcoat is worn with a crisp white shirt, striped trousers and waistcoat.

Formal morning suit jacket

As the groom on your wedding day, this Black Herringbone Morning Coat is the kind of outfit that you would be expected to wear. The black tailcoat is made of 100% wool and when paired with the with grey & black striped trousers will provide a classic, timeless look.

Men's Royal Ascot Wedding Suit

The Royal Ascot Three Piece Morning Suit is a luxuriously comfortable, complete formal wedding outfit comprising a 100% wool, fully-lined jacket, wool blend trousers and a classic grey waistcoat.

Mens wedding suit complete with trousers

This Traditional Morning Coat from Clermont Direct is made in England from 100% Herringbone wool cloth and is cut to a classic pattern. Available in a wide selection of sizes this formal wedding jacket is great value and currently on offer at just £129. Buy together with matching wool trousers for £175 or save even more and get the same coat with poly/wool striped trousers for just £159.

Wedding suit, waistcoat, dress shirt and matching tie in one budget saving package

MyTuxedo offer a selection of wedding packages on men’s formal wear and you can get this 2-piece morning suit, waistcoat, dress shirt and wedding tie from just £165. There are other packages available starting at £50 for a waistcoat, shirt and matching tie or cravat – which will be welcome news if you have an entire wedding party to kit-out.


A vital part of wedding attire is the waistcoat, there to bring a dash of sophistication and extravagance to the proceedings. The waistcoat has its origins in the 17th century when King Charles II introduced the clothing as part of the correct wear for the restoration of the British Monarchy. It has remained in favour since and is usually worn for such formal, Royal occasions and of course weddings.

Grey double breasted morning waistcoat

For a very traditional look this smart formal double-breasted number is just the ticket – made from a polyester/wool and mohair blend with a 6 button fastening and neat side pockets this waistcoat will finish the look with a formal wedding suit or morning jacket from a wide selection at MyTuxedo priced from £19.99 to £60

Dress Shirts

What is a suit without a crisp white and perfectly laundered shirt underneath? Ideally choose a shirt with a high amount of fine quality cotton that allows skin to breathe, for an ultra comfortable feeling that will last all day; vital for nervous grooms or the father of the bride!

A traditional classic style is this Standard Collar – Plain Front Dress Shirt with a stiff, straight collar, plain front, hidden buttons and dual cuffs. It’s made from poly/cotton so is easy to iron and is the kind of shirt that you can wear again and again for a fresh, smart look.

Men's formal standard collar dress shirt pleated front dress shirt with wing collar

For something with a little extra try the Wing Collar – Pleated Front – Formal Dress Shirt with immaculately straight front pleats and again comes with concealed buttons and double cuffs. If you don’t want to wear a waistcoat then the pleat detail of this shirt will help you to stand out and look at your very best.


The cummerbund is often used as a decorative alternative to a waistcoat and can often be vital for black tie events. They originated in Persia and are traditionally either black or white but other decorative alternatives are now considered acceptable.

This 100% Black Silk Cummerbund is pleated for a modern, smart look and is secured together at the back with metal fastenings. It is fully adjustable and perfect for black tie events, weddings and other formal gatherings.

Plain black cummerbund Black paisly design silk cummerbund

As a rather more decorative option the Paisley Cummerbund will match perfectly with any number of morning suits and brings a modern twist to a most traditional dress. It’s made from a high quality silk weave and can be altered to provide a snug and comfortable fit.


Cravats used to be part of a military dress code before making their way into smart, formal attire for men. Seen by many as a comfortable and more fashionable alternative to a wedding tie, they are loosely worn around the neck and come in various styles. For men’s wedding wear they are traditionally chosen to match the waistcoat.

The Pink Scrunchy Style Wedding Cravat is made from 100% pure silk and comes pre-notted with an adjustable neck band. It helps to soften a formal black suit and adds a flourish of colour.

Pink rose wedding cravat Ivory wedding cravat

Alternatively, try this Ivory Scrunchy Cravat with adjustable neck strap and easy fastening clip.

All of the wedding ties and cravats are made from the finest materials and come in various styles and colours that are suitable for day or evening wear. You don’t have to worry about tying yourself in knots either as each one is pre-knotted and all are adjustable to ensure a great fit.

Prove that you’re not just the sharpest dresser in town but also the sharpest tool in the box with these great deals on fantastic suits that will leave you with plenty of spare change for the flask of whiskey!