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Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Day Music List

wedding music
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Choosing your wedding music is one of the most important parts of the planning the wedding. Wedding music is usually played during the ceremony and any of the festivities that happen before and after the main event.

Wedding music can be either performed live by wedding singers or orchestra, or one can use pre-recorded songs. Your choice of wedding songs can set the entire tone of your wedding. So it is important to take time on creating your wedding playlist.

We have listed some tips you can bear in mind while doing your list.

  • Choose songs that best suit you as a couple and the type of wedding ceremony you want to perform. Usually, traditional ceremony calls for time-honored classics. But, new trends of using contemporary music are not excluded.
  • It is always important to add that special song you as a couple favor. This is your day so that special song needs to be on it.
  • Consider the type of location your wedding will take place. Several music instruments may not work well on a specific location.
  • Consider the duration of the entire ceremony. Take note as you will need it to decide on how many songs you should put on your list to cover it.
  • If you have friends that would like to perform solo or play an instrument, then add that to the list. These types of music presentation add highlight to the event.
  • Practice makes perfect. Even the wedding music playlist needs to undergo practice.
  • If you are not really keen on doing the job yourself, do not worry. There is a lot of wedding music specialists available on the market.
  • If you should decide to do it yourself, you may want to browse wedding music sites to be able to hire musicians.
  • If you are going to hire bands or DJs, provide specific instructions on your music likes.



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