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Saying Thank you

So you’ve gotten married, thrown a reception party. You want to thank everyone who was able to attend and make the day special. What do you do – send out a Thank you card, a phonecall after the event, sweets with your own personalised wedding label? Well, those are nice gestures but this charming young couple “sang” their Thank Yous in their own meaningful way.

With bride Megan singing and groom Jamie on piano the freshly married wedding duo went on entertaining guests for more than fifteen minutes straight.

Apparently, they only posted the video onto Youtube for those guests that hadn’t been able to attend. However, a couple of months later and the video only went viral! At time of writing the video has been viewed over 6.5 million times – Wow. Its been up for around a year, viewed the world over and has gotten over 8,000 comments.

Whilst you might think there is a risk that things like this might come over as corny the two strains of comments were one how beautiful everyone on the video was and second how the performance left many in tears of happiness even though they didn’t know the pair!

The success of the video unwittingly made these two into internet superstars and their Youtube channel Jamie and Megan has since flourished with over 75, 000 subscribers. We encourage you to follow them as they are such an honest lovely pair. They go into some depth about the trials and tribulations of being youtubers.

We wish them the very best. Here is the video that kept the fairytale going.

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