New Years Eve Wedding

Must-Haves for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

Having your wedding on a New Year can be a fabulous idea.

More often than not, your guests are able to party as there are no work on the next day and everybody is on the holiday mood.

And if you are planning for your wedding this way, then here are some must have for a successful wedding party.

10 Must-Haves for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

A Slew of Sparklers

This one is a no brainer, but a NYE wedding, needs an almighty sparkler send off. But you don’t need to limit it to the end of the night; leave indoor sparklers on the tables for guests to get into the celebratory spirit from the beginning, serve desserts with sparklers already in them, or maybe even a flaming cocktail for added drama.

If your budget allows, you could opt for a fireworks display – nothing else rings in the new year with quite the same wow factor.

Abundant Bubbly

Another no brainer if you ask us, but New Year’s weddings need copious bubbly. While it might be pricey to serve Champagne all night, Cava, Proscecco, or a fizzy cocktail toast at midnight, will work just as well.

For a really glamorous focal point, you could talk to your caterer about creating a Champagne tower with old-school babycham glasses – if you’re not dessert fans, pouring your own tower would make such a luxe alternative to cutting the cake.

A Plan for Countdown

So you’ve booked the late bar, bought the sparklers in bulk, and have enough bubbly to fill a swimming pool – you still need to hatch a plan of action for midnight.

Your guests will at the very least be expecting some kind of countdown crescendo, or else you might be partying so hard, you realise too late that it’s five past midnight! Chat to your venue co-ordinator or DJ about creating something special for the moment, and make sure someone with a mic (and a watch) will be on-hand to announce the countdown.

We love the idea of a big balloon drop, but a killer party track at midnight would be just as fun.

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