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Things That Go Through Every Bride’s Head When Shopping For A Wedding Dress

Photo Credits : Elle UK
Photo Credits : Elle UK

Every girl dream of wearing that perfect wedding dress on their wedding. So shopping for the perfect one is one crucial part of the wedding planning.

Marie Claire’s Caroline Leaper listed a few things that are going through every bride’s head while shopping for a wedding dress.
‘Does ivory even suit me?’ 
And what actually is the difference between pearl, off-white and just plain regular cream?‘That sales assistant is a dick…’
She’s snooty, she’s trying to up your budget, and she’s making all the wrong noises when yanking you into that corset. You always wear a size 12, and she better know it.
‘I’m starving / sleepy/ mentally exhausted…’ 
These dresses are heavier than all of your other clothes combined and you’re putting them on and taking them off at an alarming speed. Forget the pre-wedding diet, this is your workout.
‘Why isn’t this more like a movie?’ 
‘Why aren’t we all swilling champagne while onlookers gather to tell me how lovely I look? Why isn’t my mum even crying?’
Upon trying on dress number 24…
‘I’m a failure. My friends / bridesmaids / own mother are so bored right now and totally hate me.’ Spoiler; all will be forgiven when you finally find The One and you’ll be looking back and LOL-ing in Costa before you know it.
How about you? What goes through your head when shopping for your wedding dress?

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