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Outfitting yourself and your bridal party doesn’t have to cost you a ridiculous amount of money, even if your tastes run towards designer clothing. Girl Meets Dress is a leading online boutique specialising in designer dress rentals, and they have an entire selection devoted purely to your dream day. In fact, their selection available in the wedding boutique section goes above and beyond your wedding day to include everything you could possibly need to get you from the engagement party and up to, and including, the honeymoon.

If you’re looking for contemporary designer dresses for you and your bridesmaids, and are working off a limited budget, then Girl Meets Dress might just be the answer to your prayers. With a selection of dresses available to you, the service allows you to order a maximum of three short dresses or two long, so you can try before the big day. Any dress not worn is refunded once returned, meaning you only pay for the dress you wear.

The site allows you to search under a variety of criteria, including body type, so you can be sure that the dresses you’re viewing should be suited to your size and shape, and stylists are available to help you with your choices should you need it. The dresses themselves are a dazzling array of designer loveliness that should suit most tastes, although it’s worth noting that sizes are limited to one or two choices per dress; to avoid potential disappointment make sure you search via size instead of browsing.
While the wedding dress selection is somewhat limited, it has some fabulous choices ranging from classic slinky to a more contemporary cocktail style that would look great on a young bride. The site has a gorgeous range of bridesmaid dresses, and some stunning styles to choose from and a variety of colours to suit any theme. Mother of the Bride also has a large selection available, with an assortment of styles to suit everyone, from classic to a more contemporary look.
Designer dress hire @girlmeetsdressWhen choosing your dress, make sure to have a note of your own measurements handy before making your selection. The dresses available use standard sizing, but today’s standard sizes can actually differ between brands so it’s always worth comparing your measurements to those on the site to be sure you’ll be getting a close fit. Girl Meets Dress has also helpfully supplied the overall length of each garment, allowing those of you who are on the petite side to be sure your choice won’t end up being too long.

Prices are remarkably low considering the retail prices for some of the choices on offer. Your dress will be sent to you with no sign up or joining fees required, just pay for your delivery and party away! If you’re particularly worried about damaging your dress while enjoying the special day, additional insurance is available for a very small amount to help cover accidental damage such as zip breaks. So if you’re in need of a fabulous dress, take a look at what Girl Meets Dress has to offer, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.