Wedding Insurance – Is it worth it?

The cost of getting married keeps on rising and you may well be worried about things going wrong. Wedding insurance is often promoted as an essential purchase but what is wedding insurance, what does it cover and is it really worth it?

Organising your wedding is probably one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do, and also one of the most expensive. There are so many things to think about and make decisions on without falling out with potential in-laws. Wedding insurance is something which probably doesn’t first spring to mind but it can be just as important as choosing your dress.


The thought of having to look at wedding insurance can be boring compared to co-ordinating your dress, bridesmaids and flowers, booking the reception and looking forwards to your hen night, but more couples are now taking out cover just in case something does go wrong on their big day. But does it actually pay off?

It’s been estimated that around 260,000 people will be getting married this year at an average cost of a staggering £20,000 per wedding. has reported that around 80-85% of couples still don’t insure their weddings, and this could be because people aren’t well-informed enough, or even know about wedding insurance.

For peace of mind taking out insurance probably does pay off, but what does it actually cover you for?

So What’s Covered?

Most companies insure you against the main items such as your wedding outfits, wedding rings, flowers, photographs and video, stationery, the wedding cake, public liability in case anyone injures themselves, military call up for those in the forces, and so on.

It will not cover you if have a change of heart, if it’s raining so your photographs are not how you planned, or if you’ve simply run out of money and have to cancel the wedding. You will also not be covered if you or your fiancé injure yourselves whilst playing sport or riding a motorbike over 250cc, leading up to your wedding day.

When to Buy Wedding Insurance?

As with everything nowadays there are a wide choice of companies offering wedding insurance. It is advisable to first sit down and work out what you would want cover for, then shop around and see what’s available. For example, if you are getting married abroad you’d want insurance that covers you for the flights if they’re delayed and the transportation of your wedding dress in case it gets lost or is damaged, and companies like Debenhams offer different options such as ceremonial sword cover if you are having a military wedding.

You should be looking to take out insurance before you pay the deposits on any bookings made just to make sure you’re covered if the supplier goes bankrupt for example. However, if you have paid for deposits using your credit card and you have spent a minimum of £100, you are automatically covered under the Consumer Credit Act, so if anything does go wrong your credit card company will take on the responsibility for providing the service you have paid for

What about Wedding Presents – are they covered?

There is also the question of insuring wedding presents when you go away on your honeymoon, as although they are not covered by wedding insurance policies, it is still a good idea to increase your home insurance.

Debra Williams, Managing Director of advises, “Although engaged couples often take out insurance for their wedding day against anomalies such as the weather or the venue being double-booked, our research of over 500 couples shows that just 53% have contacted their insurer to check that their wedding gifts are covered by their policy.

It will not cover you if have a change of heart, if it’s raining, or if you’ve simply run out of money and have to cancel the wedding.

As items worth in excess of £1,000 typically need to be declared to be protected by home insurance policies, anyone gifting expensive heirlooms, plasma TV’s, new leather suites or similar would be wise to let the happy couple know in advance, so that they can check their policy and seek proper cover if necessary. For the matter of a few extra pounds those special wedding gifts needn’t become expensive or irreplaceable losses.”

Simon Ziviani from Direct Line re-iterates this point by saying, “To ensure the ‘honeymoon period’ doesn’t come to an abrupt end, re-evaluating home contents cover should be up there with writing the thank you cards and showing off the wedding photos.” Direct Line Home Insurance – automatically increases your contents cover for special occasions – including weddings – to ensure worrying about your home insurance doesn’t get in the way of your big day.

As with all policies, it is recommended you check the small print, as there might be a time frame in which you have to make a claim, and some items over a certain value may not be covered unless you have specifically listed them. A lot of companies also offer a discount if you book online with them.

Is insurance worth it then?

Wedding Insurance is a useful policy to take out as, unfortunately, none of us have a crystal ball we can look into the future with, and, after all, it’s only a few extra pounds in the whole scheme of things, but do shop around for the best policy which suits you and your requirements as they all differ slightly, especially if you are planning on getting hitched abroad.

Compare Rates

When requesting a quotation for wedding insurance you must disclose any information that may affect your eligibility to claim and answer all questions honestly. If you are marrying abroad you must inform your insurer and you will need separate travel insurance to cover you for this. If in doubt, ask!

What’s Covered



John Lewis

(£26) (£39) (£65.62)
Wedding Cancellation £3,000 £5,000 £10,000
Bridal Attire £4,000 £2,750 £2,500
Wedding Presents £4,000 £1,500 £2,000
Wedding Rings £3,000 £1,500 £2,000
Wedding Cars & Transport £4,500 £1,250 £2,000
Wedding Photos & Video £3,000 £1,250 £2,000
Failure of Suppliers £5,000 £1,250 £5,000
Personal Accident £8,500 £10,000 n/a
Legal Expenses £6,500 £5,000 £10,000
Personal Liability £2,000,000 £2,000,000 £2,500,000
Essential Documents Indemnity (for overseas weddings) £1,000 £250 £500
Optional Ceremonial Sword Insurance Cover (UK only) £39 n/a n/a
Optional Marquee Insurance Cover (£20,000) (UK only) £35 £n/a n/a

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**Prices correct as of 25th January 2012

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