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Star Signs – Colours, Flowers and Birthstones

Are you an Earth, Water , Fire or Air sign and how does this effect your character? What are your astrological colours and birth stone? Which flowers suit your star sign?


Aquamarine Ear RingsMarch 21 – April 20
Fire Sign: Ruled by Mars and Pluto they are passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic. Leaders by nature, they can be forceful and abrupt yet often yearn for affection & support.
Celebrity Star Signs: Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Elton John.
Colour: Red
Stone: Aquamarine
Flowers: Red Roses – Tulips and Amaryllis


Diamond StudsApril 21 – May 21
Earth Sign: Ruled by Venus they know what they want and can be stubborn and impatient. Prone to jealousy and find it hard to forgive, yet, on the positive side they are loyal, and hardworking.
Celebrities: George Clooney, David Beckham, Renee Zellweger
Colour: Pale Pink, Green, Blue
Stone: Diamond
Flowers: Lilac- Lily of the Valley and Sweet Pea


Emerald PendantMay 22 – June 21
Air Sign: Restless & nervy – never satisfied and get bored by routine. They hide their true feelings at times but, usually, they are good talkers and are lively and intellectual. They fall in love easily and are very sensitive to other peoples reactions.
Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue.
Colour: Yellow
Stone: Emerald
Flowers: Ranunculus – Acacia (Mimosa, Wattle) – Daffodil


PearlsJune 22 – July 22
Water Sign: Difficult to read and often secretive, they are restless and sentimental. Ruled by the Moon they are either up or down! Usually polite and charming they love company and are great conversationalists, but need reassurance.
Celebrities: Anna Friel, Tom Cruise, George Michael
Colours: Silver, Metallic blue
Stone: Pearl
Flowers: Ammi (Queen Anne’s Lace) – Delphinium – Passionflower – and Iris


Ruby PendantJuly 23 – August 23
Fire Sign: Extrovert and fun to be with, the Lion is larger than life and loves to be noticed. They like life’s luxuries and expect nothing but the best. Great players in love and everything else, a valuable friend in times of need and courageous for those they love.
Celebrities: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Clinton
Colours: Golden yellow, orange
Stone: Ruby
Flowers: Marigold – Gerbera – Crocosmia – Dahlia – and Sunflower


Peridot PendantAugust 24 – September 22
Earth Sign: Ruled by Mercury, the planet of logical thought, they are intelligent, practical, very instinctive and seldom wrong. Can be overly critical and find it hard to pay a compliment. They are methodical and reliable but don’t always get the recognition that they deserve.
Celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Hugh Grant, Michael Jackson
Colours: Navy, chocolate
Stone: Peridot
Flowers: Hypericum (St John’s Wort) – Ivy – Chrysanthemum – Eucalyptus and Violet


Sapphire RingSeptember 23 – October 23
Air Sign: Strive for balance & order in life. Friendly with a strong sense of justice, they often avoid difficult decisions and need a partner to take the lead. But, paradoxically, can be difficult if they don’t get their way! They are elegant, romantic and appreciate beauty in everything – including the opposite sex!
Celebrities: Kate Winslet, Simon Cowell
Colours: All shades of green
Stone: Sapphire
Flowers: Moluccella (Bells of Ireland) – Cymbidium Orchid – Gardenia – Tuberose – Freesia and Gladiolus


Opal RingOctober 24 – November 22
Water Sign: Sensual and unpredictable – they combine charm and strength of character in equal measure. The Scorpion never forgets a friend or an insult. They like to be independent but, ultimately, need someone to lean on. Their heart will be difficult to win, but once you do – you will have it forever.
Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Prince Charles and Katy Perry
Colours: Maroon, Blood Red
Stone: Opal
Flowers: Alpinia (Pink Ginger) – Amaranthus (Love Lies Bleeding) – Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) and Peony


Topaz Ear RingsNovember 23 – December 21
Fire Sign: Cheerful, charming and witty, they are incurable romantics. They despise jealousy and love their freedom. Sagittarians are open and honest but a quest for knowledge and new experiences can be difficult to tame. and the opposite sex will always be an attraction.
Celebrities: Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Brad Pitt
Colours: Royal Blue, Deep Purple
Stone: Topaz
Flowers: Eremurus (Foxtail Lily) – Eustoma (Lisianthus) – Carnation – Crocus and Muscari


Turquoise Ear-ringsDecember 22 – January 20
Earth Sign: Never take no for an answer, they are passionate, sensuous and hate rejection. They need to be loved and are faithful and dutiful. Capricorns are ambitious and hard working – in both love and life!
Celebrities: Jude Law, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington
Colours: Grey, Dark Green
Stone: Turquoise
Flowers: African Violet – Ivy – Philodendron – Snowdrop and Jasmine


Garnet PendantJanuary 21 – February 18
Air Sign: Have many friends and hate to be alone. Shy by nature, they need a partner to make the first move. Creative, though not hard working, often need motivation. They enjoy their freedom although they are generally loving & faithful.
Celebrities: Robbie Williams, Natalie Imbruglia, John Travolta
Colour: Turquoise
Stone: Garnet
Flowers: Arum Lily (Zantedeschia) – Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) – Protea – and Aloe


Amethyst PendantFebruary 19 – March 20
Water Sign: Intuitive, emotional & unstable – expect the unexpected. Their life is full of contradictions. They see people not as they are but how they would like them to be and will idealise the one they love. Intelligent, creative and skilled with words, though difficult to read.
Celebrities: Bruce Willis, Charlotte Church, Drew Barrymore
Colours: White, Silvery Green
Stone: Amethyst
Flowers: Madonna Lily (Lilium Candidum) – Cyperus (Papyrus) – Lilac – Narcissus and Gypsophila

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