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Monsoon Flower Girl Outfits

It’s not every day that your little girls gets chosen to be a flower girl for the day, so when the momentous occasion arises it’s only fitting to ensure that she is dressed to impress and looking every inch the beautiful princess that she is! Luckily little girls adore dressing up and will be thrilled to not only look as resplendent as the bride but to be treated as royalty, with her very own duties to carry out!

Monsoon Flower Girl Dresses

Traditionally the flower girl walks ahead of the bride as she enters the church. She may be required to scatter flower petals down the aisle or just carry a small bouquet, pomander bouquet or kissing ball. During the ceremony, depending on the age of the flower girl, she can either sit with her parents or with the bridesmaids. After the ceremony she again walks ahead of the bridal party out of the church and is photographed as part of the wedding party.

Florence 3D Flower occasion dress

Florence 3D Flower occasion dress

With such a responsibility therefore and with all eyes upon her, you’ll want her to look adorable and with these gorgeous flower girl dresses from Monsoon she’ll be in danger of upstaging the bride and bagging all the attention for herself!

Monsoon Shrugs and Cardigans

You can never predict the British weather, even for a summer wedding, so it’s just as well to be prepared and make sure that she is wrapped up against the cold, especially if she is to stand outside for photos for any length of time. Luckily there are a range of shrugs and cardigans to match and compliment any of the Monsoon flower girl dresses.

Monsoon Eliona cropped lace cardigan

Monsoon Eliona cropped lace cardigan

Every girl deserves to be spoilt once in a while and with Monsoon you really can afford to spoil her rotten in pretty Flower Girl frocks that will make her look and feel like a million dollars!

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Little Bridesmaids Dresses By Monsoon

Planning a wedding can be very heavy on the budget. Which is why some is trying to see how they can cut some budget on other parts of their wedding without compromising the wedding itself.

So if you are trying to look for very pretty little bridesmaid’s dresses without breaking the bank, then we got some items for you that you can check out from Monsoon.


Macaroon Occasion Bridesmaid Dress with 3D Flowers from Monsoon


A super-girly Macaroon dress has a floral lace bodice and a layered mesh skirt with 3D flower appliques. There’s a ribbon to tie around the waist and the neckline is charmingly scalloped on both the front and back. The gown fastens with a zip on reverse and has a smooth lining to keep her comfortable during your special event. Machine washable for easy care.


A piece of pure elegance.
This beautiful occasion gown is crafted from lined eyelash lace with an ombre effect. The skirt flares structurally outwards for added volume and there’s an oversized bow on reverse. On chillier days, team with a pair of our glittery tights and a cropped cardigan. Fully lined and machine washable for easy care.

Monsoon Victoria Ombre lace dress

Monsoon Victoria Ombre lace bridesmaid dress

Click through the pictures to also see ideas for associated accesories to complete the whole ensemble.

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The Coronavirus and What it Means for Your Wedding

With the Coronavirus being categorised as a pandemic that hit the world in early 2020 and in three months have sadly taken the lives of over 5,500 people globally, it is safe to say that the disease is a rather serious matter.

In fact, various governments and establishments are taking steps to make sure that the people don’t accidentally pass this highly contagious disease around. In China and Italy, literally, entire cities have been locked down. Schools have been cancelled and international borders are being closed.

The next few weeks are going to be telling about how this virus is going to affect every aspect of human life but it is already affecting the more social ones right now. Any activity that requires more than 10 people to congregate in one place are being scrutinized and canceled right now and that, sadly, includes weddings.

If you are feeling worried about what this disease is going to do to your wedding, we don’t blame you. The way it is affecting people and at a rapid pace is something not to be underestimated. Either way, you have to prepare accordingly if you want to celebrate your big day without putting everybody that you know and love (including yourself) at risk.

What we know so far:

  • As of middle-March 2020 there is yet no cure
  • How the coronavirus exactly spreads we are not sure, although similar viruses are usually spread in cough droplets
  • Certainly in the UK the deaths that have happened have tended to be more with the elderly who already had some underlying disease
  • Elders taking medicine for heart disease or diabetes need to be particularly careful
  • Any events where many people will congregate are being banned to go ahead

What is it?

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect lungs and airways, caused by a virus called coronavirus. Thought to have originated in bats in the food markets of China and with the global movement people has spread

How do I know if I have it:

  • Dry cough
  • Temperature

What if I have coronavirus?

Self-isolate. Stay at home for 7 days if you have either:

  • a high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • a new, continuous cough – this means you've started coughing repeatedly

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you're staying at home.

Testing for coronavirus is not needed if you're staying at home.

Only call NHS 111 If it gets worse or lasts longer than seven days.

What can I do in the run up to the wedding to avoid the coronavirus?

  • Stay at home. Many working places are now suggesting to work from home too.
  • Keep your distance with any person coming nearby.

Wedding Insurance: Should You Get Them Now?

We checked the websites of John Lewis Finance, Wedding Plan insurance, Debenhams and Emerald Life and all now have a statement relating to the coronavirus. The general message from these wedding insurance providers is:

“As a result of the information currently being provided by the World Health Organisation the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the UK Government, we have taken the decision to suspend all new Wedding Insurance applications whilst we assess the impact of the virus both in the UK and abroad.

Please note that if you are an existing customer, your policy will remain in place and unchanged.”

Disasters as understood by insurance policies will include serious ones like fires ruining the wedding dress or the rings being stolen. It will also include cancellations due to problems with suppliers or coordinators.

Of course, it will include calamities like earthquakes, fires, and severe weather disturbances depending on how the policy was worded out. Some companies right now are updating their policies to include pandemics like the coronavirus.

Here’s the kicker, though: it all depends on the timing on when you got that policy. More often than not, if you have an insurance purchased before any of this has happened, then you will be covered in case you would cancel your wedding. If you are thinking about getting it right now, the policy might not cover you in case you do cancel because of the disease.

The reason for this is in the fine print. Depending on the country’s laws, insurance policies may cover for the outbreaks of infectious diseases. The key word there is “outbreak” meaning the disease was not yet known by the public by the time that your wedding was about to take place. If you get one now knowing that the coronavirus could strike at any moment, the insurance company of your choice might refuse to indemnify you for any COVID-related cancellation.

From an insurers perspective it is all about risk and being able to quantify that. This outbreak is too new to make any fixed judgements from. Those that do have insurance should also be aware of the event that some insurance policies already have a point in their wording that “expressly excludes liability from a change in law or change in regulation”. If the law changed and banned large groups of people coming together and this meant the wedding was cancelled then the insurance company would have reason not to pay out.

Therefore, it is important to re-read the wording in your policy and be 100% clear what is and isn’t covered.  Best thing would be to call them and confirm your understanding of the policy is the same as theirs.

Is the Virus Going to Affect My Wedding?

The answer to this is “it depends”. If you happen to tie the knot within the few weeks, you can expect for some massive changes to your wedding plan. Governments across the world are doing their best to contain the sources of the infection and are recommending establishments to implement strict social distancing and localized quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

That means that if you push through with your wedding, you can expect to make some changes to your plan. Perhaps guests now are required to sit 1 meter apart from each other or regularly sanitise themselves when they move from room to room. Some businesses are even outright refusing people to do business with them unless they wear a face mask of sorts. So, unless, you do not mind your entourage to have their faces covered with a sanitary protective of sorts, then you may continue on celebrating the event according to the set date.

However, this could all change within a few weeks or month. There is no telling how the virus would react that people and governments are actively combating it. It might weaken, it might strengthen, it might suddenly disappear and return later. Whatever the case, you have to be vigilant and just be open to the notion of moving your wedding to a later date.

On a more practical sense, it is best that you brush up on your personal hygiene. Follow the recommended hand washing procedure as provided for by your local disease control and prevention board and implement your own social distancing system. It is also recommended that you avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while keeping your body’s openings clean. And if you do think that you are experiencing the symptoms of the Coronavirus, seek medical intervention as quickly as possible.

Should My Big Day Be Cancelled?

As of now, it is difficult to predict how the situation will develop on a worldwide scale. The virus is a rather new beast and is rather unpredictable. However, there are certain things to consider in determining how best to proceed with your wedding in light of this pandemic.

First and foremost, you have to understand that weddings are considerable large public events. This means that people of different age and medical conditions coming from different parts of your community and the world will be gathered all in one place. This is the biggest concern that you have to consider as you don’t want your wedding to be a potential ground zero for a local outbreak.

In addition, if a large part of your wedding’s audience includes the elderly, the sickly, and other groups vulnerable to the coronavirus, it is best that you consider moving the date when the pandemic has died done. This is, at the very least, for their benefit.

And, as harsh as this might sound, it would be best that you cut down on the number of guests that you have. A number of 100-300 guests might be a bit too hard to control in light of the situation so you might limit it down to 50 or a handful of your close friends. You could even ask the officiating priest to hold the ceremony in the presence of your immediate family or in an unconventional yet contamination-free venue.

This is, again, dependent on how the pandemic develops in the weeks to follow. As of now, it is best that you take on the necessary precautions to avoid accidental transmissions of the virus. On your big day, no less.

  • Refer back to your spreadsheet of suppliers and contact each for an update. Each supplier may have a different take on each, for example the wedding Chauffeur might be more concerned about coronavirus than say the supplier who made the wedding cards
  • Refer back to the wedding list and check with guests if further to the virus they are still anticipating to attend as they expect it will die down by then.
  • Co-ordinate with your partner to ensure their side of things are going ahead or not.

If things don’t Go as Planned

Naturally, your biggest concern after safety would be the expenses you have already incurred for the wedding. When considering postponing your wedding, you should inform the venue and your vendors immediately. They would have some refund policies set in place in case your event fails to proceed because of reasons beyond your control.

But what if the vendor or venue does not allow for refunds for whatever money you have deposited already? Then perhaps look if they offer the option to move your date. This is a far better option than canceling the event entirely.

But, whatever the case, you have to air out your concerns to your vendors, suppliers, and venue manager. There is a good chance that they could understand what is happening and help you change your plans accordingly.

For International Weddings

Supposed that you and your partner planned something really romantic and had your wedding set up at places like Maldives, Spain, Italy, or any popular wedding/honeymoon location? If the big day is still a few months away, the best option is to sit things out and wait for further developments over this pandemic.

The situation is always changing on a daily basis and it is still hard to know when the entire event will last. But, if China and South Korea’s dwindling COVID cases are to tell us something, it would be that there is a chance that the worldwide pandemic could die down within a few months. If every sane human being does their part, of course.

But if that wedding is about to happen within a few weeks from now, perhaps you should start contacting your suppliers and venue managers in that place. Perhaps they could advise you to cancel everything and give you a refund.

It is also important to refer to your Foreign and Commonwealth office website for advice. They are the foremost authorities in determining whether or not it is safe to travel to anywhere in the world right now.

For example, if you have a wedding set in Italy in April, you could be certain that it would be heavily affected because of the lockdown there. The same goes for the United States, South Korea, and other regions in Europe.

There is no doubt that the situation you are in is rather concerning but all is not lost. Not just yet. Contact your wedding planner on that part of the glove and see if there are options for you to get a refund, move to a later date, or push through albeit with intense medical screenings.

The Wedding’s Happening in a Few Weeks, What Should I Do?

Let us say that moving your date is not feasible. Everything has been planned and paid for and everything is good to go. So, the only possible option is to have your wedding proceed as planned.

But in the interest of not adding you and your guests in the statistics of infected people, it is best that you pay attention to a few tips which will include the following:

Stay Informed: When it comes to the Coronavirus, changes could happen as short as a day or even a few hours. As such, the policies of your local disease control and prevention centers such as the NHS would change in response to that.

It is your duty, then, to make your information about the pandemic as up to date as possible. This way, your wedding is armed with the best and most recent checks against the disease on the big day.

Inform Your Guests: First and foremost, you have to let your guests know that you are worried about the virus and how it could affect your wedding. As such, you have to inform them of any changes to the plan. Perhaps you would require them to wear a mask upon entry or have their temperatures checked. It would also be good to know which countries the guest has visited in the last 14 days

Aside from this, you have to implore them to submit themselves to medical professionals if they feel that they are experiencing the virus’s symptoms. You might have one less guest on your list but that is one less risk of exposure to the disease on your wedding.

Put up Some Security Measures: Stocking up on hand sanitisers and ethyl alcohol might be good but they pale in comparison to keeping the wedding site clean. Have a team disinfect every microphone, table, and restroom thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

With the rational and limited supply of sanitisers that has gone on you might like to explore buying a larger quantity of soap.  Unfortunately, people are buying and stock-piling useful products, which by the time they actually get to use it will likely be out of date. To note, there is no connection of the virus to toilet paper so why stockpile?  

Shops profiting from pandemic by raising prices on essential items
Shops profiting from pandemic by raising prices on essential items

Usual price of paracetamol £0.50 and calpol around £4.00!

Also, you could use the social distancing measure by ensuring the people are seated a meter apart from one another. Discouraging handshakes and other forms of bodily contact could also help. If you are serious about not transmitting the disease, then foregoing the traditional kiss at the altar is preferred.

Livestream it: If you do opt to celebrate the wedding with only a few people, you can have others see it “remotely” through a livestream broadcast of the event. Social media sites like Facebook does allow you to do that, recording events as they happen and publishing them for the rest of the world in real time.

The point is that technology today gives you the option to let others celebrate your biggest events even from afar. Use them to your advantage.

To Conclude

There is no denying that the world is facing a rather precarious situation right now. As such, you should expect that any plan for a mass gathering will have to change or be canceled indefinitely.

However, that is not to say that you should let the pandemic dictate how you are supposed to celebrate your big day with your significant other. You still have to power to determine what happens in your wedding, if you plan to proceed with it, of course. With that being said, it pays to put up some extra precautions so that you, your partner, and everybody else wanting to see your union are safe from this rather infectious disease.

Please refer to the guidance sites below for the most current situation.


UK NHS advice:

World Health Organisation:

Travel advice:

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The 12 Wedding Colour Schemes to Get You Inspired This 2020

The new year always brings with it a renewed sense of excitement. For weddings, nothing can be more exciting than a year that starts an entirely new decade.

The 2020s might have a rough start but weddings have remained strong. There are still quite a lot of things to figure out on a modern day wedding but nothing can be more vital and yet overlooked than the colour scheme for the event.

After all, the colour combinations you will choose will either enhance the wedding or ruin it. But do not worry, though. There are some popular Pantone colour schemes and combinations that you could take an inspiration out of and include for your big day. Here are some of them:

  1. Grey+Rose Pink

Grey is one of those minimalist colours which made it quite popular in the 2010s. It evokes a sense of simplicity and professionalism without being too sharp and intimidating. Rose Pink, on the other hand, evokes an innocent and cutesy look without being too garish and attention-getting. With both colours, you get a perfectly balanced colour scheme for any wedding.

You can choose to colour code your entourage here with the Groom’s party wearing grey while the bride’s are the ones wearing pink. But, of course, you can switch the sexes’ colours for something unique. Either way, you’d get two colours that are distinct from one another while perfectly complementing each other.

  1. Blush+Grey

The best way to describe the shade of Blush is that is pink but light to a point that it is almost invisible. As such, streaks of blush give this impression of a faded yet homely look for the wedding.

Blush gowns are easy to the eyes along with the bouquets. They also serve as a perfect compliment to the groom’s suit and that of his party as an accent or as an accessory in the chest pocket or lapel of the suit.

  1. White+Green

Popular for springtime weddings, the White+Green combination evokes an Easter-like atmosphere with feelings of rebirth, rejuvenation, and innocence. The green, in particular, evokes a strong connection with nature especially if you opt for natural decorations.

The best way to take advantage of this colour scheme is to make things as simple and natural as possible. Have your wedding chapel or reception area adorned with white flowers in green bouquets. Better yet, opt for an open-air wedding so the colour scheme will blend with the land and the sky. For the groom and his entourage, have them wear white shirts and grey suits with green ties. For the bride and her party, a white dress with a flowery accessory would suffice.

  1. Terracotta+Green

If you want to make a wedding even more connected with nature, then some earthy colours would be needed. Terracotta are two shades of brown that are either pale or bright and metallic. When combined with green shades or greenery, it results in a forest-like atmosphere for the wedding.

This combination works well in spring and summer when the weather is fairer. It is best used for weddings that are set in rustic scenery like forest retreats, cabins, and ranches.

  1. Icy Blue+Hot Pink

Although they might seemingly contrast one another, bright shades of blue and pink give off an air of playfulness which makes the combination great for Summer. They also go perfectly with the white dress of the bride and the greys and blacks of the groom and his party.

Have the bridesmaids wear blue dresses and accessorize them with bouquets with bright pink flowers. The centerpieces for the tables should also be adorned with something hot pink like a candle or a flower and situated with a bright blue sheet. You can even have the desserts be in pairs of bright blue and pink for that extra oomph on the reception table.

  1. Purple+Pink

The beauty of this colour combination is the sheer randomness of it. You can have the bridesmaids wear mismatching shades of the two colours and they’d still complement the entire wedding.

For the best effect, however, have the bridesmaids closest in order to the bride wear something light purple and pink before it progresses to darker shades for the other women next to them.   The pink and purple could also be highlighted as centerpieces on wedding bouquets, the ties of the groom and his men, and even the wedding cake.

It might take some bit of extra coordination on your part to get the colour scheme right but the end result will give off an air of elegant softness.

  1. Dusty Rose+Black

Dusty rose evokes a feeling of elegance without being too prim and proper. If combined with an even darker colour like black, the end result is a colour scheme that would stand out even on a bright day without being too offensive on the eyes.

Have the dusty rose be the colour for the bridesmaids and centerpieces. There are even flowers out there that have a rich dusty rose shade (like, well, roses) which makes them great for bouquets. For the groom, have their black suit be accented by a dusty rose handkerchief or a small rose.

  1. White+Light Blue

Another staple for spring and summer weddings, this colour combination matches perfectly with the fair weather of either season and is pleasing to the eyes. It also helps that the colour combination goes along with almost every accessory type and colour out there, be it jewelry or any ornate addition to dresses.

The bridesmaids should wear an all light blue ensemble while the bouquets would include white and blue flowers. Something white or silver for their accessories would also be recommended. For the men, they could wear a light blue suit with a white shirt inside or an all-white piece with light blue ties and accents.

  1. Mulberry Purple

If the typical pink and purple shades are a bit too simple for you, then you can do with something a bit stronger. This is where Mulberry Purple comes into play as it is a perfect mix of bright pink and metallic purple which gives off a mature, soothing, and professional air. The dark shades of the purple means it is best for summer to give off a “cool” vibe or in winter to blend with the colder climate.

The colour is easy to accessorize as you can use it for wedding invitations, table centerpieces, candles, and bouquets. For dresses, it works well on its own although a few silver or gold highlights would not hurt. For the men, a mulberry purple handkerchief or flower would also work along with either a gray suit or an all-black attire.

  1. Champagne Yellow

This shade of light to pale yellow is catching to the eyes and is one of the more energetic colour schemes for a wedding out there. It also works well for summer weddings when the days are at their brightest as the colour blends well with the climate but does not get drowned in all that sunshine.

This colour is best used for long, flowing dresses for bridesmaids as well as bouquets, table centerpieces, and deserts. It also works well with dark grey and black suits for men as an accent or accessory.

  1. Burgundy+Greenery

Burgundy, like purple, evokes feelings of class and nobility. If you mix this with greenery, you have a colour combination fit for a grand event at some royal palace’s gardens.

Like with every good colour combination, burgundy is great as the primary colour for dresses, centerpieces, and bouquets, while greenery gives each piece a natural accent. The best place to use this combination is at vineyard or ranch weddings where the old-timey charm of the locations can be made more romantic with some deep shades here and there.

  1. Gold+Peach+Cream

Many couples shy away from gold nowadays because it seems too grand and gaudy. However, what you only need are two pastel colours to go along with it and you will have a colour combination that could fit well with summertime weddings.

This combination is best used when the venue is an open-air one or one situated on a tent. The gold and peach are great as highlights while the cream serves as the primary colour for the dresses, bouquets, centerpieces, and the wedding cake. If done right, the gold should shimmer in the midst of the cream and the peach without being taking attention away from the most important people of that event: the couple.

Picking the Right Colour Scheme

Colour schemes are a bit tricky to choose from when it comes to weddings. After all, what works best depends on three Ws: Who, When, and Where. Some colours are great for the outdoors and during summer and springtime. Others are best in autumn and winter while in indoor settings. There are colour schemes that match your style and preferences and then there are those that don’t.

If you are bit on a bind as to what colour scheme suits your wedding the best, take the time to sit down and list all possible options with your friends, family, and would-be partner. A consultant might even help you in this regard as they would know what colour combinations are trending and which ones would fit your wedding’s theme, location, and budget the best.

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Where to Buy Mother of the Bride Dresses?

Back then, it was the tradition for weddings to have the bridal mothers wear
something matronly. Or something beige. It’s always beige for some reason.

Whatever the case, it used to be the norm for the mother of the bride to show up at the
wedding wearing something that is definitely not there to make a statement.

Fortunately, that’s in the past and mothers of brides today have many options to choose from
and say to the rest of the crowd that their days of being fashionable are far
from over. The question is, what’s the best MOB dress out there right now and
where to get it? Here’s how:

Some Considerations

Before anything else, you must understand that choosing the dress for the mother of the bride should not be an afterthought. There are a few things that you must remember in order to make the bride’s mother look at her best for that big day. Here are some of them:

Let them Choose

This might sound elementary but do not ever (big emphasis on the ever) choose the
dress for the mother. Wedding etiquette dictates that the bride of the mother
should get to shop for her own dress, even before the mother of the groom.

But how do you make sure that what she chooses fits the theme of the wedding? Let the bride and her mother shop for their dresses together. This will not only make sure that she picks a dress that matches the theme but its a great bonding experience for both women and with their prospective in laws.

Mind the Length

Length often determines formality. The more of the knees the dress covers, the more formal it would look like. If possible, the length of the MOB dress and the bride’s should match. It does not have to be accurate but just make sure that both of them wear dresses of matching length. This way, the mother does not stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Coordinate with the Maids

A complementation of colors is always ideal in weddings. As such, whatever the
mother wears should have a style and color that matches the bride’s entourage
as closely as possible.

And fortunately, there are brands out there that have made a name for themselves making dresses for mothers, maids, and brides that complement each other. You’ll learn more about them later on.

Go for Specialty Stores

Looking for a dress at a department store is not recommended these days as their
options for mother’s dresses are always limited. Instead, always head on to a
dedicated wedding dress shop.

Not only will these shops provide you with more options for dresses, they can also give you all the care and attention you need as they allow their customers to try out every dress that they have to offer. Depending on the budget and theme, of course.

Keep Simplicity in Mind

Although mothers are expected to be fashionable for the wedding, you must remember that they must not upstage their bride daughters. There are a number of wedding dress designers out there that make dresses for bridal mothers that are simpler but elegant.

Comfort First

Always remember that weddings can seem like they take forever to finish. If the mother
is not able to move their arms, bend over, or even sit comfortably with the
dress of their choice, they are missing out on enjoying from the big day.

Make sure that the mother can breathe comfortably in the dress of their choice by letting them move around while trying the dress. Make them move their limbs and see if they don’t feel restricted doing so.

Black is Not Always Good…..

Yes, black may be stylish but it does not always go with everything. If black is one
of the themes of the wedding, then there should be no reason why the mother of
the bride should not walk down the aisle wearing that.

But if the color scheme of the wedding does not include dark colors, then it is best to consult with the bride or whoever is in charge of the wedding dresses first.

….But Not White

Contrary to black, white is considered the “safer” color option for mothers. Shades like
Ivory, champagne, and pearl white are always great options for mother.

But there is a chance that white could make the mother look boring or out of date, depending on the wedding’s themes. Either way, just make sure to get the opinion of the bride first.

Don’t Go Crazy on the Accessories

As was stated, simpler is always better for the MOBs. When choosing a bride for the mother (or with here), make sure that they don’t go crazy with the sequins, the accessories, and other embellishments. The last thing that should ever happen in a wedding is for the mother to take away all the attention from her daughter.

Communication is the Key

The most important tip for mothers is to always communicate with the bride to be
when choosing their dresses. The mother’s opinion and input should matter but
the same could be said for the bride’s.

If both women are happy with their choices, then they would feel all the more
confident wearing them on the big day. And, of course, the less resentment
there is on the wedding, the less problems there would potentially pop up for
the rest of the marriage.

The Best Dresses for Bridal Mothers

With these considerations out of the way, what are the best gowns for bridal mothers today? That answer is different from one woman to another. But, with that being said, there are some dresses out there that are considered the most ideal options for mothers on their daughter’s big day. Here are some of them:

Alex Evenings Embellished A-Line Gown

Alex Evenings - Rosette Lace Short Sleeve A-Line Gown
Alex Evenings – Rosette Lace Short Sleeve A-Line Gown

Perfect for MOBs that want to look simple but elegant, this gown from Alex Evenings reaches way past the knees and covers half of the foot. This gown is form fitting at the top and the embellishments, while heavily featured, do not take too much focus away from the dress to make it cheap.

The gown might be a bit too long for some mothers but shortening it is always an option. It is available in multiple colors and is sold at stores like Nordstrom and Dillard’s.

Fenn Wright Manson Llana

Fenn Wright Manson Llana Dress, Rose
Fenn Wright Manson Llana

Sold exclusively at John Lewis & Partners, this short dress comes in a Rose color and is perfect for mothers who want something simple and unassuming for the wedding. It comes with a floral sequinned pattern that covers the entire dress which makes it perfect for summertime weddings.

The design of the dress naturally tends to complement mothers of short and small statures but those that are taller should be able to wear the dress confidently as well. The dress is also made with a light fabric, making movement more comfortable for the mother for the ceremony.

Adrianna Papell Floral-Print Column Gown

Adrianna Papell - Floral-Print Column gown
Adrianna Papell – Floral-Print Column gown

Available at Macy’s, Amazon, and Anthropologie, this dress is quite popular for its floral pattern all over which gives off a rather metallic gleam. It also comes with a satin ribbon at the waist which is perfect for mothers who want to show
off their figures.

A major feature with the dress is the shiny fabric used to make it which gives the colors a distinct glimmer especially on a bright, sunny day. The gown also reaches past the knees and stops before the feet, giving it a long but not trip-prone appeal.

Gina Bacconi Lacey Navy Crepe Coat

Gina Bacconi Lacey Crepe coat, Navy
Gina Bacconi Lacey Crepe coat

For mothers that want to look formal on the big day, this coat and dress combo is the ideal option. Coming in a distinctly deep, navy shade, this dress by Gina Bacconi covers the arms and to the knees up.

It features a mixture of light sequins and heavy fabric that meets together at the center, forming a lopsided cross shape. The dress is available exclusively at John Lewis and can be adjusted to meet the measurements of the mother.

Adrianna Papell Beaded Blouson Gown

Adrianna Papell Plus Size Beaded Blouson Gown

Available at Bloomingdale’s and Amazon, this gown projects a formal but not over the top image. It comes in a dark blue shade and is adorned with metallic beads way down to the feet.

It comes with a concealed back zip with hook and eye closure, giving the dress a seamless look at all sides while holding everything together for the rest of the big day. The dress can also come in various colors upon order.

Debut-Navy Paint Floral Sparkle Swing Dress

Debut Navy Paint Floral Sparkle Swing dress

dress is perfect for mothers who, for the lack of a better term, don’t want to feel their age. It is a sleeveless dress that extends just at the knees and comes in deep blue color.

What is immediately distinct with it is the various floral patterns that adorn the dress. It also is made with a light polyester fabric, making movement all the more comfortable during the wedding. This swing dress is available at Debenhams exclusively.

R&M Richards Sleeveless V-Neck Dress and Jacket

R&M Richards Sleeveless Beaded V-Neck Dress and Jacket

For mothers that want to hide a bit of their figure without feeling conscious about
it, this dress and jacket combo should be ideal. It comes in a distinctly dark
shade of maroon and comes adorned with various beads all over.

The dress is made from a light fabric which gives off a flowing motion every time the mother moves. It is sold exclusively at Macy’s with shipping provided for those that need the dress ASAP.

Quiz Curve Berry Lace Bardot Fishtail Midi Dress

Quiz - Curve Berry Lace Bardot Fishtail Midi Dress
Quiz – Curve Berry Lace Bardot Fishtail Midi Dress

Sold exclusively at Debenham’s, this dress comes in a bright crimson shade and is
perfect for mothers with curved features. The dress is sleeveless and
form-fitting but tapers off into a short, flowing skirt below the knees.

The back portion of the lower skirt is longer than the front, giving off a tail-like impression. As such, the dress gives the impression of constant motion even if the Mother of the Bride is just standing or sitting still.

Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh Gown

Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh gown
Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh gown

If the Mother of the Bride wants to have an old-timey but still timeless look, this gown might be the best option. It is a sleeveless, sequinned dress that takes cues from high fashion dresses from the roaring 20s.

It is adorned with crystals all over the body, making the mother sparkle whenever she moves. The dress is available at Nordstrom and in various colors. If you are in between sizes, it is best to order one size down since the dress is form fitting.

Maya Delicate Sequin Embellished Kimono Dress

Available exclusively at Next, this dress from Maya takes cues from both Eastern and Western designs. It is knee-high and comes in a deep, blue color.

The fabric used for the dress is polyester, making it light and easy to breathe through. It also comes with a sparkling sequin pattern all throughout the body to give the gown extra flair.

Karen Kane Scalloped Lace Sheath Dress

Karen Kane Scalloped Lace Sheath

For mothers that want to be a bit more, well, daring on their child’s big day, then this gown might have what they are looking for. This gown designed by Karen
Kane features a scalloped trim is made with an all-over fabric lace and plunging v-neck.

The dress was designed to accommodate every curve of a woman, giving off a rather flattering look. Available at Nordstrom and Amazon, this dress is available in multiple colors and in petite and regular sizes.

Want That Trend Floral Wrap Midi Dress

Available at Next, this dress is a short, knee-high attire that comes in a salmon color with distinct floral patterns on top. As such, it is the ideal option for
mothers that do not want to draw attention to themselves but want to maintain a dignified look for the wedding.

The dress was designed to huge every curve of the mother, highlighting their features. Plus, it comes with a satin belt at the belly to showcase the mother’s figure even more.

  1. Alex Evenings Long Mock Dress

Designed by Alex Evenings, this gown features the brand’s trademark A-Line skirt and comes with a sequined top. It comes primarily in a deep blue color although shops like Macy’s and Amazon do offer other colors.

The gown flows down to the heel which gives the impression of the wearer being taller than they are. The lace top is also made of a material that is neither stiff nor scratchy, keeping the mother as comfortable as possible on a long wedding ceremony.

Frill Sleeve Dress Coat

Frill Sleeve Dress Coat
Frill Sleeve Dress Coat

Sold exclusively at Kaleidoscope, this coat and dress combo is perfect for MOBs that
want to look simple and dignified for their daughter’s wedding. The coat comes
in a peach or pink shade and is complemented by a v-neck dress with floral patterns.

The major highlight here are the large ruffles on the elbows which are lined by satin. The dress coat can also be complemented by equally simple accessories on the neck and the wrists.

Alex Evenings Long Line Rosette Dress

Alex Evenings
Rosette A-Line Gown
Alex Evenings
Rosette A-Line Gown

at outlets like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Amazon, this dress from Alex Evenings
(again) features the brand’s iconic deep blue colors and flowing A-Line skirts.
What makes it different from the others, however, is the inclusion of small rosettes and sequined patterns that give off a shapely silhouette for the wearer.

This dress is available also in other colors and comes with a V-neck back. It is recommended to use this dress with Navy heeled sandals, a nude lip, drop earrings, and an updo.

Lace Dress with Peplum Helm

Lace dress with Peplum Helm

Available at Kaleidoscope, this dress comes in a strikingly white shade. It features a semi-sheer lace overlay above a lining, a short sleeve, and a v-back. It also comes with a fastened centered back with a concealed zip, creating a seamless look for the dress.

This dress is best complemented with white high heels and a clutch. This should make the outfit look dignified yet effortless for any special occasion, most importantly a wedding.

JS Collections Soutache Mesh Dress

JS Collections Soutache Mesh gown
JS Collections Soutache Mesh gown

by JS Collections, this dress gives off a striking and yet distinct look with
its multi-fabric build and patterns. It also comes with a unique trumpet silhouette which makes it ideal for mothers with curved figures.

Sold at outlets like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Amazon, the Soutache Mesh Dress is available in other colors. However, it might be slightly larger for some women. As such, it is best to consider sizing down a few weeks before shipping.

Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh Gown

Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh gown
Pisarro Nights Embellished Mesh gown

Sold exclusively at Nordstrom, this gown features a beaded top and a skirt that moves smoothly whenever the wearer turns around. It comes in a bone white color although other colors are available depending on the time.

The top is made with various sequins and patterns, giving off a simple yet elegant look. It is best complemented with strapped heels and a color-coordinating clutch.

This mesh gown might run large for some body types. As such, it is recommended that one orders one size down weeks before the big day.

Irresistible Off the Shoulder Dress

CatherinesofPartick-Short off the shoulder dress with full skirt
Catherines of Partick Off the Shoulder dress

the name would give away, this dress sold exclusively sold at Catherines of
Partick features an off-shoulder design, allowing the wearer to reveal more of
her figure while keeping things at a dignified level.

The dress was designed with a fitted lattice which hugs the body comfortably. This all ends with a fuller-style skirt that reaches just above the knees. The shirt comes in either turquoise or deep blue.

Veni Infanto Short Fitted Bead Dress and Coat

Veni Infanto Short Fitted Bead Dress and Coat
Veni Infanto Short Fitted Bead Dress and Coat

Sold exclusively by the Catherines of Partick brand, this knee-high dress features a covered sweetheart neckline. It also features several diamond patterns all over the body which makes the dress sparkle.

This is all complemented by a coat with a thicker material which the wearer can take on or off to their liking. This dress is available royal blue shade although a bone white variant is also provided for those who want another color option.

What You Should Ask Your Wedding Dress Provider?

Knowing the best MOB dresses out there is all well and good, but where should you go to get them? Regardless if you head to your nearest specialty store or go to the
Internet, you must always make sure that the boutique/store of your choice has what it takes to meet your needs.

And you can do this by asking them a few questions such as:

  1. What’s Your Price Range?

A good wedding dress should set you in between £50.00 and £1,000.00. Regardless of the entire wedding’s budget, you must make sure that you do not overspend on a single item.

Some wedding shops cater for budget-friendly weddings and others towards couples who are a bit on the excessive. Take a look at their product list and you should have a good idea if that store is for you budget-wise.

  • How Good is Your Shipping?

A wedding store, especially online ones, should be able to send their orders in a timely fashion. A week or four is a good standard, the latter all the more to be expected for those that ship to international shores.

But what about rush orders? Can that store cater clients that need their MOB dresses ASAP? If they can assure that they can get such orders shipped out within a day or two, it’s a telltale sign that that store has awesome customer service.

  • Do You Allow Adjustments?

Every wedding dress out there was made to fit certain body types but, as we all know, not every woman shares the same exact body type. As such, you need a wedding store that can make the necessary adjustments for your orders depending on the measurements of the one who is about to wear it.

You would be surprised how an accommodation of just a few inches at the belly or at the skirt, shoulders, and everywhere else can go a long way in making the mother of the bride all the more comfortable. And if she is happy with her dress, that would be one less problem for the couple to deal with on their big day.


Things they don't tell you Wedding Brides

When Small Becomes Offensive: 5 Displays of Bizarre and Outrageous Wedding Behaviour

Wedding Brides Wedding Wear

The Best Maternity Wedding Dresses

Being an expectant bride and mother can be momentous experiences on their own or simultaneously. If you are going to walk down the aisle with a baby bump in tow, there are some considerations that you have to keep in mind when looking for maternity wedding dresses.

With that being said, however, there are quite a lot of wedding dresses out there for mothers-to-be to wear on their big day. And below are some of the more notable examples.

Tiffany Rose



Designed by Tiffany Rose, the Amelia gown is all about highlighting your baby bump. It’s jersey made from soft ivory lace hugs your upper body comfortably without making you too hot. It also comes with an elegant design from top to bottom which highlights any figure elegantly.

The Amelia dress comes in both mid length and full length variants. This way, you can pick which style suits you best on your wedding day.

  • Classic Ivory plus over 8 other colours 

  • Designed to grow with you 

  • Sheer lace sleeves and neckline


Alaska gown

Designed by Tiffany Rose, this wedding gown is made of a light fabric and is quite perfect for summer weddings. It’s design makes it easy to wear and the sleeves contain quite a lot of detail which gives the gown a rather elegant finish.

And if you are worrying about fitting issues, the dress does come with a stretch finish. This makes it easy to adjust to your body figure regardless of the stage of your pregnancy.

  • Sheer floral lace with subtle stretch 

  • Full-length maternity gown

  • Also available in a Plus size

Eden gown

Tiffany Rose’s Eden dress is able to find a balance between Elegance and Simplicity. It comes with a stretch lace overlay design and is made from a lace that gives off a shimmering effect whenever the wearer moves.

All of this is then pulled by a satin belt on the west which highlights the wearer’s figure even more.

  • Worn by Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine of Sweden

  • Works well with different hair colours and skin tones

  • Best-selling gown in new shade of Arabian Nights

Helena gown

If the wedding is going to be set on a colder month like December or January, then this gown should be ideal for you. It is made from thick yet light lace with a streamlined design. It should conform to your figure while keeping you warm while still keeping everything elegant.

There is also an optional sash which can be placed on the belly to highlight your womb even more but makes it look smaller. And, to top things off, the gown ends on a fishtail-like design, giving the entire dress a flowing appeal.

  • 1930s style and inspiration 

  • Demure high front neckline 

  • Daring scoop neckline to the back


Verona gown

One of the best gowns to come from the Tiffany Rose collection, the Verona is a gown made from eyelash lace which is then paired with a soft ivory jersey. It’s design is elegant enough but will complement your figure regardless of how well you are into your pregnancy.

And if you need a bit of proof on this gown’s popularity, a copy of it was worn by Julia Stiles on her wedding day. Knowing that the dress you wore has found its way into Hollywood should be enough to put a smile on any lady on their big day; apart from the main event, of course.

  • Delicate eyelash lace overlay

  • Three quarter sleeves 

  • Also available in Plus Sizes



This dress comes with a scooped neck and off the shoulder design, giving it a timelessly elegant appeal. It comes with a simpler design all over which makes the gown a great partner for simple accessories.

The gown is made from a light lace material which allows the figure to breathe on a hot day. This makes the gown ideal for summer weddings or any wedding with a nature theme.

  • Off-the-shoulder sleeves giving a relaxed, grown-up feel

  • Ivory drape from a stylish cowl neck

  • Iconic



Lace and Silk

With a design adorned with fluttering lace sleeves, this ivory silk wedding dress looks like it stepped right out of a fairy tale. The gown was designed to make the wearer feel comfortable as they move while still retaining a great level of elegance.

And if you are wondering if this gown fits all stages of pregnancy, it does. It comes with a sash of silk satin which gives the dress a rather form-fitting yet tailored look.

  • Fairytale wedding

  • Lace bodice

  • 100% silk skirt

Wrap maternity

Designed again by Seraphine, this dress keeps everything short yet dignified. It has a shorter hemline which pushes focus on your belly and allows you to move more.

The wedding dress is also designed to be flexible. This means that it will hug your figure comfortably on your wedding without restricting you on your waist.

  • Classic

  • Lace back detailing

  • Flattering ruched bodice


Motherhood Maternity

Lace Hem Maxi

This wedding gown is perfect for beach weddings and other open air events due to its flowing, elegant design. It’s waist was designed to hug the belly so the wearer can proudly show their figure.

Also, the dress uses a fine silk lace which allows the body to breathe. This should make anyone wearing it feel comfortable as they move.

  • Sleeveless maxi with scoop neck 

  • Lace trim

  • Textured fabric

White Runway

Composure gown

This gown is designed by Pasduchas, this gown features the right kind of sexy with an off-shoulder design. If you are one that is a bit conscious with your baby bump, this gown should be an option as its design takes focus from your belly to your shoulder.

The gown comes in the traditional ivory white which is perfect for traditional weddings. But, if your wedding is far from traditional, the gown also comes in a bright wine color.

  • Super comfortable

  • Zip on centre back

  • Fully lined

ASOS Edition

Floral and Sequin gown

This gown is designed by ASOS, this gown sports embroidered flowers all over. It is then topped with vine patterns which completes the gowns earthy look.

The floral and sequin dress carefully treads the balance between formal and casual due to its sequin details and sleeveless design. As such, it is perfect for a wedding set out in the open air and during summer.

  • Sheer mesh with embroidery

  • Partial lining

  • Lightweight design


Envie De Fraise Flora maternity maxi dress

One of France’s best-known wedding gown lines for expectant mothers, the Envie De Fraise Flora line features a simply yet undoubtedly European flair with a sleeveless design and a V-neck. The gown features a knot just above your belly, giving your baby bump the right kind of attention.

And due to its simplicity, the Envie De Fraise flora gown is great when partnered with more elaborate accessories. If you are the one to walk down the aisle wearing a tiara or a jeweled headdress, this gown might be the one for you.

  • Simple yet elegant

  • Sleeveless & V-neck

  • Machine wash or Dry clean

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

Choosing a maternity wedding gown can be daunting itself. To help alleviate some of the
stress from finding the best gown for you, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Mind the Silhouette

First of all, do you want to emphasize the fact that you are pregnant or not? Your
answer to this question dictates your options for gowns as there are types out
there that either hide or highlight your baby bump.

If you are one that does not want to give too much emphasis on your growing belly,
then a gown with an empire waist or a lace overlay is a good option. But if you
are not one to shy away from showing your baby bump, it is best to find a dress
that comes with a satin mesh or a belt that highlights your belly more.

  • Size Up

Usually, it will take a few months for you to get your wedding dress once you have
ordered it. That means your belly should have grown even bigger by the time
that gown arrives on your doorstep.

When looking for a gown for your big day, make sure that it does not hug your belly
too tightly as of testing if it fits. The rule of thumb is to add an inch of
your belly for each month from that day to your wedding. And, if you are not
that confident with math, you can always refer to the store’s sizing chart.
They will guide you in picking a dress that will comfortably fit you regardless
of how big your belly is going to get.

  • Know the Fabrics

The materials that make up the gown can determine whether or not you will be
comfortable wearing it on your wedding day. Stick to fabrics that can stretch
as this will give your figure enough leeway so you won’t feel restricted as you
wear it.

Fabrics like thulle and chiffon are lightweight and allow the body to breathe despite
the gown hugging the shape of your body. Jersey is also a great material as it
can stretch considerably, making wedding dresses made of this material ideal
for women on the later stages of their pregnancy.

  • Simplicity is Always the Best

Even if it is your big day, it would be best to not to go over the top. The reason
for this is that you are competing with your belly so having an overly designed
dress is going to make you look off. Also, an overly designed dress tend to be
cumbersome which will not do you any favors on your wedding.

Instead, look for a dress with a design simple enough that it captures your figure and
complements it. This way, the focus is shared between you and your baby bump
even as you walk down that aisle.

To Conclude

So which wedding gown works best for you? That is one thing that only you could
answer. When looking for the best wedding dress, it would be ideal that you
find a balance between Form and Function.

Simply put, that dress should be the kind of attire that can make you look good
without making you look uncomfortable. If you can do this, you can make
yourself elegant without sacrificing your ability to enjoy your big day.

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LIMITED TIME – Up to 60% off Wedding dresses !

Yes you read it right.

More than 20,000 wedding gowns are being sold off at knockdown prices.

Why ?

Unfortunately, Berketex Bride went into administration back in November 2018. The business said it has eleven outlets an one in Dublin. Berketex had been serving the wedding market for over 50 years. 

All this stock has gone to Auctioneers John Pye where you can buy for pennies on the pound.

Anyone hoping to grab a bargain will have to travel to Port Talbot, South Wales to get their hands on dresses from designers such as Emily Fox, Amy Hamilton, Rosetta Nicolini, Tom Flowers and Christina Sposa at significantly reduced prices.

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Wedding Venue

UK’s Top 5 Glamorous Wedding Venues

HerstmonceuxCastlePicking the best place to hold your wedding ceremony is one of the most crucial parts in the wedding planning process. Of course, every wedding couple wants their wedding to be very special as it is one of the most special moments of their life.
And if you are planning to hold your wedding in an elegant style, here is five of UK’s best wedding venues according to Jonathan of Anglotopia.

5 of the UK’s most glamorous wedding venues
Herstmonceux CastleIf you’re looking for a venue steeped in historical charm, turn your attention to Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex. The moated fortress was built in Tudor times and added to over the years, so it boasts a combination of medieval and Renaissance features.

St James Club
For modern glamour and sophistication, you can’t go wrong by looking into St James Club in London as your wedding venue. The prestigious setting has been an integral part of London society for decades and combines traditional elegance with contemporary chic.

Gaynes Park
If you want to hold your wedding in a semi-outdoors setting, the glamorous Gaynes Park in Essex might be the perfect choice. A barn wedding venue, the property is located in the grounds of a country estate, amid rolling parkland.

Highclere Castle
The breathtaking Highclere Castle in Hampshire is famous for its period elegance; the venue is the location where hit TV series Downton Abbey is filmed. The Grade I-listed stately home is built in an awe-inspiringly detailed Jacobethan style and set in acres of sprawling parkland.

Wokefield Park
For a glamorous wedding that ticks all the boxes, take a look at Wokefield Park in Berkshire. The Palladian-style manor was built in the 1700s and boasts a simple, elegant design. The property is surrounded by vast manicured grounds and overlooks a tranquil lake, making it an ideal setting for some memorable wedding photos.

Wedding Traditions

Writing the Perfect Wedding Vows

There are a lot of important moments in a wedding ceremony such as the signing of the marriage certificate or the presentation of the ceremonial items. However, none of them are as most-anticipated than the Exchanging of the Wedding Vows. Save for the Kiss, of course.

The exchange is a rather straightforward affair. The bride and the groom simply recite their vow to their partner, promising to be there for each other for everything, and this segment would not even last for more than 10 minutes.

However, what is said during those moments would matter significantly. Its the moment where both pour out their hearts to one another, after all. There is the option to use the generic “for richer and for poorer” vows and that would be perfect for any wedding.

But for a wedding to be more memorable, it would be best for the partners to recite their unique vows. And to do that, there are a few things to consider first.

Why are Wedding Vows Important?

Before everything else, it’s best that we address this question: why are wedding vows that important in the ceremony? After all, there are more portions in the ceremony that are either more momentous or, better yet, legally-binding.

But, believe it or not, wedding vows hold a great importance to the ceremony itself and to the marriage as a whole. First of all, the vows act as the very foundations of the marriage. The placing of the rings on the fingers and the signing of the certificate may have some tangible bind on the couple but the words they speak to one another act as an unbreakable promise.

And if you are the religious type, you can consider the exchange of the vows to be the couple’s formal announcement of their promises to one another before the unseen and the divine. Also, it tends to make a person even more cautious about treating their relationships knowing that they’ve made their promises before their god.

On a more legal sense, the vows are the vocal announcement of the promises that are directly (or indirectly) included in a marriage certificate. To put it simply, the vows act as one’s vocal agreement to the terms and conditions put forth in the marriage. Of course, this also acts as their willingness to be held liable if they break even a single portion of what they said.

The value of the wedding vows, then, cannot be underestimated. However, there is no hard and fast rule as to what can be said and how they are said during a wedding. So as long as the one officiating the ceremonies allows for it, couples can say their own, personalised wedding vows to one another.

Words and Phrases

Creating personalised wedding vows can be a bit daunting, especially if you are not the one to be poetic in your statements. As such, it would be best that you look to other vows for inspiration. Fortunately, there are certain terms and words popularly used in vows today. Here are some of them:

“For Richer and for Poorer……” - Anyone who has heard these lines know exactly what these sets of promises mean. It’s basically the conventional wedding vows wherein couples promise to be there for one another in times of wealth, want, health, illness, and even if death parts them from one another.

It’s cliched to recite these phrases at the wedding but the power of these words are still there. You can even use variations of these terms in your wedding if you are that concerned with sounding generic.

Comfort - Emotional support is often one of the unspoken promises couples make during their wedding. We often talk about providing support to one another through money or assistance but rarely is there any talk about just being there when the other is at their lowest point.

Phrases like “to comfort” and “to encourage”, and “to uplift” are becoming popular with wedding vows in recent years. Perhaps people are now valuing other things that money cannot buy in relationships.

Cherish - The literal meaning of this word is “to build up”. it connotes commitment to the personal growth of one another throughout the duration of the marriage.

It also has a rather profound message for the couple and the people in attendance. It connotes that the marriage will have an atmosphere wherein both will be able to improve themselves and, hopefully, reach their potential through each others help.

Friend - This term can be used alternatively with “partner”, “soul mate”, “confidante”, “lover”, and “best friend”. It connotes a notion of equality between the couple as they start their own family. No one is superior to the other and both have a say in how their family is going to grow and flourish.

It also hearkens back to how the couple first met: as friends. Acknowledging how everything began for the couple is a good way to end one chapter of their relationship while starting another.

Forever - Also synonymous with “eternity”, “for good”, “permanent”, and “endure”. It connotes that the marriage is one that has no finite term. Sure, there might be chances that everything will be called off later down the road but adding these words to a vow encourages the couple to maintain their love for one another for as long as humanly possible.

Writing Tips

There is an air of challenge in writing wedding vows. Aside from that, there’s the chance that you’ll suffer from writer’s block when preparing it. However, whatever you will write for the vows will be so important and worth it once uttered at the altar. As such, here are some tips that will help you get through the writing process.

Take Inspiration

If you are stumped in figuring out what works for the upcoming wedding, it’s best to look into what has worked in the past. The traditional, minister-approved wedding vows are a great source of inspiration as they give you an idea as to the format, length, and tone used in vows.

Of course, there is no harm in incorporating sections of these traditional vows on yours. Eventually, with further editing, you can come up with a vow that is both profound and still personal to you and your partner.

Set The Tone

Now, there is no hard and fast rule on what tone should wedding vows take. The traditional ones are quite formal because, well, weddings in the past were formal. However, wedding vows now can be romantic to the point of being cheesy, funny as if two friends are just making pinky-swears in front of the altar, or poetic and profound.

You and your partner should have a uniform tone so take the time to discuss and agree on what your vows should sound like. You should also consider the logistics of the writing process. Would both of you create your own separate vows or would you go for one uniform vow as is with traditional wedding vows? Lastly, will you allow each other to view and critique your vows or would this be a secret until the wedding day?

Look into Your Relationship

Writing the wedding vows can be a perfect opportunity to reminisce. Think about that time when you first met or the time when both of you became official lovers. Think of the time when you decided that you would rather spend the rest of your life with them and what made you fall for them in the first place.

You can even go back to those times where your relationship was tested and how both of you were able to pull each other together. Write all of these things down so that you have a lot of inspiration when finalising the vow.

Come up with Many Promises

There is  reason why they are called wedding vows, after all. Keep your promises as diverse as possible. You can start with broad ones like “I’ll always be there for you” and then finish with more specific ones like “I will always prepare dinner if you are cranky”. The more promises you can think of, the better.

Trim the Fat

Once you have come up with your first draft, now is the time to start editing it. You should keep the ones that are important and worthwhile while editing or removing the ones that don’t fit the overall theme of the vows.

You might even want to remove things that are too cliched or ridiculous to listen to. Also, be mindful of how each vow is going to be uttered. Some vows might look good when written but are embarrassing to say in public, let alone listen.

Also, you should mind the length of the vows. The goal here is to come up with something modest in length but profound and memorable. Keeping things too long will just make your vows all the more impossible to keep. A vow that is a minute or two in length should be your standard.

In Conclusion

It could not be specified further how important vows are in a wedding. They symbolise that you and your partner are ready to take that next step in your relationship and seal your fates to one another. As such, it would be best that you approach this process with a great deal of respect and consideration.

However, that is not to say that writing your wedding vows be needlessly complicated. Always look to what made your relationship with your partner all worth it to the point that you’d want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Once you have found that, all you have to do is to write everything down and gradually refine it before the big day comes.