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Planning a wedding should be a rather straightforward affair. However, experience would tell us that such is anything but. The mental effort needed to organise every minutiae of that wedding can stress anybody out. From managing the budget to keeping track of a schedule, you will find that planning such an event can become frustratingly complicated if you are not careful.

Over the ten plus years this blog has been running we have offered various technologies from simple work books to advanced Excel spreadsheets. Fortunately, there is now a wider array of options out there where you can get the assistance that you need. One of these is WedSites which aims to help couples and wedding planners streamline the entire process of planning for the big day.

The question, however, is this: Does it really work as promised? The short answer is Yes. For a more detailed answer, just read on and find out.

What is WedSites?

The simplest way to describe WedSites is that it is a wedding planning platform. It is essentially a provider of a number of services that aim to help streamline the process of planning that one big event for the soon-to-be-married couple.

The premise of the website is that it understands how necessary it is for a wedding planner to be as meticulous as possible when organising an event. There are actually quite a lot of things to track including the budget, the guest lists, the important contact persons, supplies, logistics, and manpower.

What makes things needlessly complicated is that a lot of things demand your attention all at once. You can make this less stressful for yourself by having something that can help you keep track of what needs to be done and in what time. This is where services like WedSites come into play.

How it Works

Using the service is rather simple. What you need first is, well, a wedding. Once you or a couple you know decide on a date, what you need to do is head on to the site, sign up, and fill in the basic information.

Once you have an account, you can then input a date which starts a timeline for your wedding. You can then input tasks and assignments for people to do and the platform will do the rest of setting up deadline based on how far the wedding day is from now.

You can also place a budget at the service which will then automatically recommend to you services and vendors based on what you can afford. The site can also provide a breakdown of your expenses and help you track the costs as you organise the event.

Once vendors have been set and the budget tracked, you can then start adding people into your list of guests. The site will also provide features that can help you create and send out digital invitations to the people in your list and track RSVPs.

After everything has been organised and the guests are assigned their proper seating, all that is left to do then is to watch as the big day unfolds.


In order to make a wedding less of a hassle, WedSites offers a number of features for couples and wedding planners. They include:

  1. Site Building

You can now create your own website through the service’s drag and drop website builder. Basically, you can create a personalised website for the wedding using a set combination of templates in tandem with personal information, pictures, and other user-generated content.

You can choose from a selection of pre-made assets for your website and add in your videos, pictures, and word art. Once you are done, you can create a website for the wedding that is 100% unique and genuine.

  1. Scheduling

WedSites can help you keep up with your tasks by reminding you of what needs to be done before the big day. Once you have set up a date for the wedding day, the site will then start a countdown and a timeline that you can fill up with tasks.

And if a certain task is nearing a deadline, the site will give you reminders that it needs to be done ASAP. At the very least, this should help you figure out what things need to be done one after the other.

  1. Reservations and Accommodations

The service can also get you in touch with local vendors and specialists to help you with the wedding. Once you get in touch with these people, all that is left to do is to coordinate their work so they would meet deadlines. Right now, the majority of vendors tend to be based in Australia but no doubt WedSites will go global at some point.

Also, for guests, you can contact local hotels and book venues for other events in the wedding. This will also include chauffeur services, restaurant bookings, and other accommodation options.

  1. Event Publishing

You are in full control over when your wedding website goes online. The site even gives you the option to use an existing domain name that you have already purchased to save on website costs. And once the wedding is done, you have the option to take the website down.

On the big day, you will also have the option to live stream the ceremonies. This way, all those that would want to see the couple tie the know but can’t be physically there can view the wedding through the major content and social media channels.

  1. Guest Management

The site offers a number of tools that will allow you to manage the number of people that can attend your wedding.  You can create a database of sorts with the addresses of your guests and can even organise the data.

RSVPing your guests is also made easier as the site offers status tracking for all your invitations according to your custom-made groups. Once your guests have been set, you can then start sending out invitations to their e-mails, create printable invitations for physical addresses, and track all the stationery you have made.

Lastly, you can create a seating assignment for all of your guests depending on their response to your invitations. Once the seating assignment is made, all that is left to do is to guide your guests to where they should be on the big day.

  1. Other Features

To fully maximize on all the available features, WedSites offers step-by-step tutorials for each of their available services as well as some video instructions and tips. And if you do need a human agent to help you through the site, WedSites offers 24/7 email and chat support wherein a site administrator can answer your queries and clarify some things that you have a hard time understanding.

And if you do not find their services to be of good quality, WedSites imposes a 14-day refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services, just contact the website and you will have a full refund of your initial expenses sent to your account within a few hours or so.

Should You Use WedSites?

Is WedSites any good compared to other wedding planning services? The answer is one big YES. For starters, the service uses a drag-and-drop feature for its content creation tools which makes it easy for not-so-tech-savvy folk to set up their own wedding website.

Main Benefit

Most of what the website offers is automation and peace of mind. All that you have to do is to input a date and budget and the site will do the rest in offering suggestions on how you can complete tasks and optimise your available resources.


The site offers a robust set of features right from the get-go. For free they give you your own website and gift registry links. At £59/$79, you will have access to all Standard features of the site that helps capture RSVPs and streamline guest communication, while the Pro package of £109/$149 will give you access to more advanced features such as reports, budget calculators, seating plan builder, checklists, vendor payment reminders and notifications.

Both paid subscriptions are one-time payments only so you don’t have to pay for more just to keep your account active. And if you don’t want to spend for more for a one-time event, there is also the Free option which gives you access to almost all the basic features.  If you know how to use all of the features that the site offers given your chosen subscription plan, then you can properly manage the wedding with the help of the website.

Lastly, WedSites makes sure that all aspects of your wedding are going to be covered by their services. From managing guests, budget, vendors, bookings, hotel reservations, and even how everybody is going to be seated, there is no single aspect in a wedding that will be left unattended by the site.

To Conclude

Without a doubt, WedSite makes for a complete option when it comes to organizing a wedding. It has more than enough features to make the act of planning a wedding less frustrating for you while also not intimidating you with complex processes and systems.

Everything has been laid out for you to take advantage of. All that is needed for you is to find out what the site has made available for you as per your subscription plan and use such features to your advantage.

It also helps that the site is not only good for one wedding. If you have other weddings to plan, you can use the site to manage multiple upcoming big events to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed.

If you are the type that wants to make wedding planning less of a hassle, click HERE to get started.

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