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The 12 Wedding Colour Schemes to Get You Inspired This 2020

The new year always brings with it a renewed sense of excitement. For weddings, nothing can be more exciting than a year that starts an entirely new decade.

The 2020s might have a rough start but weddings have remained strong. There are still quite a lot of things to figure out on a modern day wedding but nothing can be more vital and yet overlooked than the colour scheme for the event.

After all, the colour combinations you will choose will either enhance the wedding or ruin it. But do not worry, though. There are some popular Pantone colour schemes and combinations that you could take an inspiration out of and include for your big day. Here are some of them:

  1. Grey+Rose Pink

Grey is one of those minimalist colours which made it quite popular in the 2010s. It evokes a sense of simplicity and professionalism without being too sharp and intimidating. Rose Pink, on the other hand, evokes an innocent and cutesy look without being too garish and attention-getting. With both colours, you get a perfectly balanced colour scheme for any wedding.

You can choose to colour code your entourage here with the Groom’s party wearing grey while the bride’s are the ones wearing pink. But, of course, you can switch the sexes’ colours for something unique. Either way, you’d get two colours that are distinct from one another while perfectly complementing each other.

  1. Blush+Grey

The best way to describe the shade of Blush is that is pink but light to a point that it is almost invisible. As such, streaks of blush give this impression of a faded yet homely look for the wedding.

Blush gowns are easy to the eyes along with the bouquets. They also serve as a perfect compliment to the groom’s suit and that of his party as an accent or as an accessory in the chest pocket or lapel of the suit.

  1. White+Green

Popular for springtime weddings, the White+Green combination evokes an Easter-like atmosphere with feelings of rebirth, rejuvenation, and innocence. The green, in particular, evokes a strong connection with nature especially if you opt for natural decorations.

The best way to take advantage of this colour scheme is to make things as simple and natural as possible. Have your wedding chapel or reception area adorned with white flowers in green bouquets. Better yet, opt for an open-air wedding so the colour scheme will blend with the land and the sky. For the groom and his entourage, have them wear white shirts and grey suits with green ties. For the bride and her party, a white dress with a flowery accessory would suffice.

  1. Terracotta+Green

If you want to make a wedding even more connected with nature, then some earthy colours would be needed. Terracotta are two shades of brown that are either pale or bright and metallic. When combined with green shades or greenery, it results in a forest-like atmosphere for the wedding.

This combination works well in spring and summer when the weather is fairer. It is best used for weddings that are set in rustic scenery like forest retreats, cabins, and ranches.

  1. Icy Blue+Hot Pink

Although they might seemingly contrast one another, bright shades of blue and pink give off an air of playfulness which makes the combination great for Summer. They also go perfectly with the white dress of the bride and the greys and blacks of the groom and his party.

Have the bridesmaids wear blue dresses and accessorize them with bouquets with bright pink flowers. The centerpieces for the tables should also be adorned with something hot pink like a candle or a flower and situated with a bright blue sheet. You can even have the desserts be in pairs of bright blue and pink for that extra oomph on the reception table.

  1. Purple+Pink

The beauty of this colour combination is the sheer randomness of it. You can have the bridesmaids wear mismatching shades of the two colours and they’d still complement the entire wedding.

For the best effect, however, have the bridesmaids closest in order to the bride wear something light purple and pink before it progresses to darker shades for the other women next to them.   The pink and purple could also be highlighted as centerpieces on wedding bouquets, the ties of the groom and his men, and even the wedding cake.

It might take some bit of extra coordination on your part to get the colour scheme right but the end result will give off an air of elegant softness.

  1. Dusty Rose+Black

Dusty rose evokes a feeling of elegance without being too prim and proper. If combined with an even darker colour like black, the end result is a colour scheme that would stand out even on a bright day without being too offensive on the eyes.

Have the dusty rose be the colour for the bridesmaids and centerpieces. There are even flowers out there that have a rich dusty rose shade (like, well, roses) which makes them great for bouquets. For the groom, have their black suit be accented by a dusty rose handkerchief or a small rose.

  1. White+Light Blue

Another staple for spring and summer weddings, this colour combination matches perfectly with the fair weather of either season and is pleasing to the eyes. It also helps that the colour combination goes along with almost every accessory type and colour out there, be it jewelry or any ornate addition to dresses.

The bridesmaids should wear an all light blue ensemble while the bouquets would include white and blue flowers. Something white or silver for their accessories would also be recommended. For the men, they could wear a light blue suit with a white shirt inside or an all-white piece with light blue ties and accents.

  1. Mulberry Purple

If the typical pink and purple shades are a bit too simple for you, then you can do with something a bit stronger. This is where Mulberry Purple comes into play as it is a perfect mix of bright pink and metallic purple which gives off a mature, soothing, and professional air. The dark shades of the purple means it is best for summer to give off a “cool” vibe or in winter to blend with the colder climate.

The colour is easy to accessorize as you can use it for wedding invitations, table centerpieces, candles, and bouquets. For dresses, it works well on its own although a few silver or gold highlights would not hurt. For the men, a mulberry purple handkerchief or flower would also work along with either a gray suit or an all-black attire.

  1. Champagne Yellow

This shade of light to pale yellow is catching to the eyes and is one of the more energetic colour schemes for a wedding out there. It also works well for summer weddings when the days are at their brightest as the colour blends well with the climate but does not get drowned in all that sunshine.

This colour is best used for long, flowing dresses for bridesmaids as well as bouquets, table centerpieces, and deserts. It also works well with dark grey and black suits for men as an accent or accessory.

  1. Burgundy+Greenery

Burgundy, like purple, evokes feelings of class and nobility. If you mix this with greenery, you have a colour combination fit for a grand event at some royal palace’s gardens.

Like with every good colour combination, burgundy is great as the primary colour for dresses, centerpieces, and bouquets, while greenery gives each piece a natural accent. The best place to use this combination is at vineyard or ranch weddings where the old-timey charm of the locations can be made more romantic with some deep shades here and there.

  1. Gold+Peach+Cream

Many couples shy away from gold nowadays because it seems too grand and gaudy. However, what you only need are two pastel colours to go along with it and you will have a colour combination that could fit well with summertime weddings.

This combination is best used when the venue is an open-air one or one situated on a tent. The gold and peach are great as highlights while the cream serves as the primary colour for the dresses, bouquets, centerpieces, and the wedding cake. If done right, the gold should shimmer in the midst of the cream and the peach without being taking attention away from the most important people of that event: the couple.

Picking the Right Colour Scheme

Colour schemes are a bit tricky to choose from when it comes to weddings. After all, what works best depends on three Ws: Who, When, and Where. Some colours are great for the outdoors and during summer and springtime. Others are best in autumn and winter while in indoor settings. There are colour schemes that match your style and preferences and then there are those that don’t.

If you are bit on a bind as to what colour scheme suits your wedding the best, take the time to sit down and list all possible options with your friends, family, and would-be partner. A consultant might even help you in this regard as they would know what colour combinations are trending and which ones would fit your wedding’s theme, location, and budget the best.

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